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Is The Movie Pulp Fiction Anything Like Sin City?

I Didn't Really Like Sin City And Everybody Tells Me To Try Pulp Fiction. So I Wanted To Ask Before I Waste My Money. Is Pulp Fiction Really That Good Like Every One Said.

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    Yes it is. It's WAY better than Sin City. Let me put it this way, on the Internet Movie Database (http://www.imdb.com) there is a top 250 movies that were rated by the users. Pulp Fiction is number 5 on that list. Sin City is number 98.

    Pulp Fiction is 8.9/10 with 353,625 votes

    Sin City is 8.4/10 218,154 votes

    Do the math. Pulp Fiction is amazing.

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    Pulp Fiction is that good. It's not like Sin City. I highly recommend you watch Pulp Fiction.

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    Pulp Fiction is not similar to Sin City.

    It is one of the great movies.

    Watch It.

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    why didn't you like sin city? that's the key to this question. Because they are similar, and they are different. the question is not which one is better, it is what are you looking for?

    Personally, i think they are both good movies, and I like Sin City more, because pulp fiction is less plot driven (i like plot driven movies). But thats my opinion. Tell me what you want, and ill tell you if youll like it

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    in case you like die perplexing you will relish Taken and the Jason Bourne sequence (watch returned to returned). Sin city & Kill bill exhibits you're additionally into picture Novels on the enormous reveal screen so watch 3 hundred in case you haven'y yet. i think of you will like Swordfish - Has John Travolta & Hugh Jackman (i think of) choose to work out edward norton kick as............s returned watch american history X And for the dak area of you that likes the 6th experience watch the others with Nichole Kidman

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    I'm sorry but I don't know about this

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