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how to make hair colour fade faster?

I bleached my hair a month and a half ago and then put pink in it when that faded out my sister decided to put this purple blue now my hair is kinda fade at the top with pink and the bottom is purple blue and this gross faded browny green.Is there any tips to make my hair fade to get this colour out so I can dye it a different colour. I don't want to dye it dark. I tried to mix baking soda in with my shampoo I haven't noticed any change yet ( only used it once). what else can I do? don't want to bleach or use something harmful to my hair since it has already been bleached

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    I've tried baking soda too and it didn't work for me, all it seemed to do was make my hair dry. You could try head and shoulders, after dying my hair a horrible colour i used it after i came home and left it in for 45min, It damaged my hair though so i wouldnt recomend it. I think it only works in a couple of days in dying your hair because I tried it a month ago and it didn't make a difference.

    Try Dove Damage Therpy, Its a great shampoo and it seemed to have faded my hair from a dark reddy brown to a reddy brown.

    But i would defo recomend Pantene Pro-V Blonde expressions platinum to sand dune. It took all the 70% of the red out of my hair and after a couple of washes it looked almost back to normal even though im hair wasnt blonde at the time. The shampoo will probably take most of the pink out of your hair.

    Anyway goodluck!

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    I have had this identical hindrance. I died mine black and gave the impression of morticia. I washed my hair daily with a clarifying shampoo (I used nutregena) however i made certain i saved it appropriately conditioned through utilizing extensive conditioners afterwards. To be sincere there isn't a lot more you'll be able to do (the solar would possibly aid lighten it just a little). Mine took approximately four weeks to vanish to a measure in which i felt i would 'are living with it'. You simply have to be sufferer. Don't do whatever harsh like strippers or lighteners, lemon juice or be tempted to swim to do away with the color..that is simply dangerous recommendation. It WILL fade and its now not valued at ruining your hair the end it is going to take plenty longer to develop again hair you may have needed to get reduce off when you consider that you may have ruined it than it is going to looking forward to a color to vanish...

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