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I currently work for Hillsborough County and got a letter today stating that my job will be terminated September 30th. Basically someone else is coming in with seniority to take it. Do I have to wait it out till September 30th or can I apply for Unemployment and spend the time looking for another job. It doesn't sound fair for them to keep me around till September 30th knowing that I'm out of a job. I need to focus on finding a new job but want to be compensated for it.

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    1 decade ago
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    I believe that you cannot get any compensation until you have been out of work first. As soon as you are let go, you will have one waiting week that you cannot get comp. for. Don't wait, sign up for unemployment immediately. Go to WWW.MY FLORIDA.COM and sign up online if you have a computer. If you don't, it's almost impossible to get through on the phone, because of all the claims. It is also a good idea to give them the info they need to handle your money with direct deposit. I do it this way, and I have never had a problem with (snail mail-haha). If you have any other questions, the web site I just gave you should have the answer you seek. Good luck to you ! Tony B

    Source(s): Unemployment Benefits US www.myflorida.com
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    6 years ago

    if i am on personal improvement plan for non production and terminated can i collect unemployemnt

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