question about mypay account?

My husband just left yesterday, but last week he requested his PIN for mypay so we can change the direct deposit info.

They said they would mail it to us in 2 business days....6 business days later it has not arrived.

Is there another way of getting the PIN? Would I be allowed to call then and request it? He doesn't have access to phones/internet now, so I'd have to call. If I have POA would I be allowed to do that?

We need to get the direct deposit info changed, because Pacific Marine online won't let him transfer money to our other joint bank account, and I don't live in California so there's not a branch anywhere.


He's Marines so he doesn't have AKO, plus he's in the feild now and doesn't have access to computers or phones anyways.

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    If you go to mypay to request the new pin you can request to have it mailed/e-mailed so I would walk through it and see if you can get it e-mailed.

    I looked here:

    and you might want to try logging in using the last 5 numbers of his social security number:

    "If you FAX, email, or mail your request, your new temporary PIN will be set to the last five numbers of your SSN. Please wait at least two business days before attempting to use your new temporary PIN (allow additional time if you mailed your request). You will not receive any notification that your temporary PIN has been reset. If you had created a LoginID alternative to your SSN, the LoginID will be reset to your SSN.

    The temporary PIN may be used for only one access. Then you must customize a PIN so that you will have a permanent PIN."

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    I was able to request a new pin through AKO mail.

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    ok im in the army and i can do every thing from my ako try that you can reset you pin and put a new one online..

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