Should demanding a trade automatically waive you no-trade clause?

I think so.

The no-trade is there so if the team decides to trade you, you get to know about it first rather than just hear you've been traded. You can then tell them which team you're willing to be traded to, that's fair enough, afterall. they agreed to the no-trade clause, they have to deal with that.

But when you go to them I say, I demand a trade, trade me, and then arrange it and you say, oh I have a no-trade clause, won't play for them, trade me somewhere else, that's BS. You're putting a gun-to their head (figuratively obviously) so why should they be forced to limit who they can deal with?

You don't want a trade and I want to trade you but you have a NTC? You can say where you wan to go.

But you demand to be traded, I'll trade you but your going wherever the f**k I tell you you are!


Little bit of Lundqvist - I hear what you're saying and I agree with you completely, it's too late for Ottawa, they made the deal, but perhaps the time has come for lawyers to re-work the NTC for future deals.

All Ottawa can do is say "play for Edmonton or play for us - choose" (which incidentally is exactly what I'd do if I were them - no way he's stepping foot in that Sens locker room again)

But I'm hoping that this will be a lesson for future contracts. If I'm GM of a team I flat-out would not offer my players a "No Trade Clause" unless they agreed to my new "No Trade Clause Clause" which states, well, what I said above - if YOU demand a trade you just waived your No Trade Clause.

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    I agree

  • 1 decade ago

    So if everyone knows that's part of the NTC, then what's there to argue over? The GM knew that could happen and gave out the NTC anyway...I don't see the problem...

    Don't give the NTC out unless you're willing to take that risk, simple as that...

    Not that I think what he did was right, but he can do it because the option was given to him...

    Oh and to answer the question- Yes, that's what they should do. But if it does stay the same, Maybe people will think twice now about giving out NTC's to everyone...

  • Agree.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    TOTALLY agree,What a set of balls on Heatley that he demands a trade,gets one to his home province, and denies the trade.He wasn't being traded to the KHL or even the Kings,the Oilers are an up and coming team.

    I hope nobody makes a play for this miserable SOB and hes "stuck" in Ottawa after they're forced to give him his bonus.He's miserable everywhere he goes and will be miserable wherever he ends up.Maybe he should end up in Siberia.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Heatley probably decided he wanted that $4 mil bonus instead..the greedy *******.

    And i also agree. It's ridiculous enough to think that Heatley demanded a trade and had a "wishlist" and when it's all said and done, he's the one that keeps himself from going anywhere OTHER than Ottawa.

    You'd think you would see a football player like Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson or T.O. I guess a player like Heatley fits perfectly in that type of category.

  • Agreed.

    EJ Hradek had a great idea this morning. Let him sit at home on the couch. You are already paying him the 4 million bonus. Think Team Canada will want a guy on their Olympic team that has been sitting around all season......

  • That is a the most rule change i agree with.

  • Solution : Make him rot in the AHL until he waives his No-trade Clause.

    I agree totally.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, totally!

  • I also agree

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