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Laptop Lithium Ion Battery Life - Why do you answer if you don't know the answer?

I was going through the answers for "How to prolong (laptop's) Lithium Ion Battery?'

I was shocked to see ALL WRONG answers...!!

I'll copy paste some faqs and facts (from different websites):

Question: Should I totally discharge, then recharge my Dell laptop battery occasionally to make it last longer?

Answer: No, discharging and charging does not increase the life of a Lithium Ion technology battery.

Question: Can a Dell laptop battery be "overcharged"?

Answer: No, the battery is designed to stop using the charger when it reaches full charge

Question: Why there is no need for us to remove the battery when we use external electrical power?

Answer: There is chip on the main board to prevent overcharge. When it has been charged up to 100%, charging control chip(PET) will stop the charging. Don't worry about any damage to the battery


1) Laptops with Lithium Ion Batteries do not require conditioning (i.e. fully-discharge/charge everytime)

2) You can leave your Laptop on AC supply without worrying about anything ! (except ofcourse your Electricity Bill)

I don't really require any Answer... BUT will like to hear your views on this.

Best answer goes to someone who agrees about all that above and could ADD some more info to help others having the same question.


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    Why would you bother asking people who do their best to answer your questions and help you, when you found other opinions more superior to ours ? Is it that you enjoy making people appear stupid ?

    I do fully agree with the facts you provided but i'm sure any other suggestions i have to offer would be useless to you.

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    'Fraid you just have to accept that batteries don't last forever. After a year of heavy use I find they hold about 60% of their original charge.

    Your statements seem pretty accurate to me. Batteries do seem to be slowly getting better though. Personally I'm looking forward to the methanol fuel cells being released.

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