on need for speed pro street what is the best setting for steering>?

camber in, camber out? toe in, toe out? whats best?front rear, also gear ratios?


this is for gamers!

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    For alignment you need to stay as close as you can to factory spec for a street car, it will still need to handle and stop no matter what.

    Gears is all going to depend on the rest of the car. For long rides if you don't have overdrive a 4:10 to one with a 27 to 29" tall tire is a good gear. The tall tires will give you an effective gear ratio of 3:91 to 1 remember the higher the number the lower the gear. With overdrive and the same tires a 4:88 to 1 is a nice gear you'd end up in overdrive with about a 3:55 to 1. The best modern cars for this are the SRT 8's Challenger, Charger and 300C from mopar.

    Source(s): 40 yrs of drag racing
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    sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! never liked racing tho it better in person

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