cental heating >? my heating is turned off on timer and on therm but whenwater heater is on the radiators hea?

cental heating >? my heating is turned off on timer and on therm but when water heater is on the radiators heat up ?

any ideas why please

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    u have whats called a 3 port or a 2 port valve that is letting the water pass to heating when there is a demand for hot water. now if it is a spring return head then you need to change the whole valve which either involves draining down or 'bunging' the header tank to create and air lock. you will need plumbing and electrical skills so its best to get a plumber to fix it. get a quote over the phone first by telling them that the heating valve is jammed open. they will give you a rough cost but most people charge by the hour and for some reason they always find a reason to slow down thus charging you more. british gas offer a 'one off' repair for a fixed fee of £168 including the 1 part that needs changing regardless of how long it takes them.

    if its a motor open motor closed valve then you should be able to get away with just changing the head - depends if its motoring back to the closed position or not

    its an easy fault to diagnose and someone on here the other day was charged £498 to change the 3 port valve and a pump! LOL

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    The motorised valve that controls the heating has died and stuck open. You can get new motors for them which replace the dead one without draining down. It can be a DIY job if you remember to turn the electticity off. Otherwise a heating engineer will oblige. British Gas Services will give a fixed estimate if you ring them.

    Before you do so move the lever on the valve a few times as they can just stick.

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    Hi Your boiler is controlled by the timer ie 6-30 to 9-00 and 5-00 to 11-00 and boiler thermostat. The room thermostat controls the pump that's sends the water through the radiators,so if you turn your room down your boiler stays on and your radiator pump will stay off,reset thermostat next time it get cold,the boiler will then give you hot water in the time area of your clock Simple as that John

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    It seems like its the diverter valve has failed normally located near the hot water cylinder in some models the motor can be replaced for that its a few cables that would need changing so an electrician would be advisable or British gas.

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    i have this problem, (radiators heat up even though thermostats down as far as it can go & the heating on the boiler is turned off) about 4 years ago when the boiler was due for its yearly check i told the engineer about this problem & he said it was because i live in a block of flats and they were all connected the boiler system that is.Hmm i,m starting to wonder now if he got it wrong, i know one thing in the hot weather like it is now, its horrible.

    so basically if you live in flats could this be your problem

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    Turn off the hot water valve in the water line going to the radiators.

    If it is an automatic valve you need a serviceman.

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    turn the heater off simple as that, your only wasting money turning it down

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