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Whos home town is Salem Mass?

Well I used to live in Salem and I lived there for 6 or 7 years and I'm just curious...

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    Name Born Died Famous For

    Alexander Graham Bell March 3, 1847 August 2, 1922 - Inventing the Telephone. Lived in Salem and worked in Boston.

    Anne Bradstreet 1612 September 16, 1672 - The first American published female writer.

    Rick Brunson June 14, 1972 N/A -

    Guard in the NBA. played for Portland Blazers, New York Knicks , Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Toronto Raptors, Los Angeles Clippers, and Seattle Sonics.

    Nathaniel Bowditch March 26, 1773 March 16, 1838 - He is credited as the father of modern navigation. His book The American Practical Navigator first published in 1802 is still in print and use today.

    Joseph Hodges Choate January 24, 1832 May 16, 1917 - United States Ambassador to England.

    Roger Conant 1592 1679 - Founder of Naumkeag (Salem) in 1626.

    Maria Susanna Cummins 1827 1866 - Author of such novels as The Lamplighter and Mable Vaughn.

    Elias Hasket Derby 1739 1799 - Americas first millionaire. Inherited shipping business from father Richard.

    (Gen.) John Glover November 5, 1732 January 30, 1797 - Colonel in 14th continental regiment.

    (Capt) Jonathan Haraden November 11, 1744 November 23, 1803 - Privateer in Revolutionary War. Captured 1000 British Cannon and three armed British War ships. Haraden was considered one of the best sea-fighters.

    Nathaniel Hawthorne July 4, 1804 May 19, 1864 - Wrote such novels as The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables.

    Jeff Juden January 19, 1971 N/A - Major League pitcher. Played for Houston Astros, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, Montreal Expos, Cleveland Indians, Milwaukee Brewers, Anaheim Angels, and New York Yankees.

    Bowen Kerins 1976 N/A Pinnall World Champion, won the 2008 International Flipper Pinball Association's world championship. which is held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Samuel McIntire January 16 1757 February 6, 1811 - Early American architect and woodcarver.

    Wayne Millner January 31, 1913 November 19, 1976 - Played end in the NFL. Played for the Boston and Washington Redskins.

    George Parker 1867 1953 Co-founded Parker Brothers, the makers of Monopoly with brother Charles..

    Sophia Amelia Peabody 1809 1871 - Painter, Illustrator and wife of author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

    Timothy Pickering July 17, 1745 January 29, 1829 - Fought in the Revolutionary War. Was Secretary of War and State under President Washington.

    William Frederick Poole December 24, 1821 March 1, 1894 - American bibliographer and librarian. Published the popular index Poole's Index to Periodical Literature.

    Israel Putnam January 7, 1718 May 18, 1790 - Fought at the battle of Bunker Hill.

    Brian St. Pierre November 28, 1979 - Drafted in the NFL by Pittsburgh in the 5th round (163rd overall) in 2003 NFL Draft. Then picked up by Baltimore in 2005.

    Louis Trudel July 21, 1913 ? - Left Wing in the NHL. Played for Chicago Blackhawks and Montreal Canadians. Won the Stanley Cup in his rookie season.

    Thomas Augustus Watson January 18, 1854 December 13, 1934 - Assistant to Alexander Graham Bell. Also He founded Fore River ship and Engine Co.

    Jack Welch November 19, 1935 - Former CEO of General Electric.

    Roger Williams December 21, 1603 April 1, 1684 - Famous preacher and proponent of separation of church and state.

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    I've never lived full-time in Salem, but it really feels like one of my hometowns. Most of my family's friends are from there and my stepfather was a featured artist in an art gallery there for a few years and did some artwork for a few of the haunted houses during haunted happenings, so we were there all the time and I practically grew up there. Also, my sister worked at The Fool's Mansion for a little while and my family and I marched with Samantha's costume shop during their display in the HH parade. I know that place better than the back of my hand, and I love it. It's gotten quite commercialized though unfortunately; more and more so every year.

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    the people that were born there.

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    I grew up in Gloucester......♥

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