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Oil Crisis of 1973 and the big three?

Say that this never happened and the muscle car era continued with the gas guzzling big block V8's and 4 barrel carbs, would the big three be in the same position as they are today?

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    I think you would also have to omit the increasing insurance rates of the early '70s and more importantly, the Clean Air Act that was passed in the early '70s. If you throw out all those events, there would not have been an opportunity for imports to gain such a foothold.

    I don't think the demand for big torque and horsepower that comes along with big displacement ever really went away. It just got very hard to attain with the emission controls and the technology available at that time. Fortunately, times have changed. I bought a SRT8 Dodge Charger a year ago. It has the power of the '60s/'70s, but burns fuel much cleaner.

    The smaller cars that the big 3 produced were not the best. Quality issues drove away many customers. They thought, "if I have to drive a slow car with not much style, at least let it run without problems for many, many miles. Had they been able to continue making the vehciles that had been so successful, they likely would have kept much more of the market share.

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    The oil crisis of 1973 was about Saudi Arabia's share of ownership in Aramco. They got 40% in 1973, and the rest in the 2nd "oil crisis" in 1979.

    It wasn't the price of oil that killed muscle cars, it was EPA fuel economy regulations.

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    The Muscle car is dead?

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