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Which is more acidic: chocolate or vanilla?

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    On the scientific pH scale, that measures alkaline and ascetic levels of substances, where 7 is considered a BASE, or NEUTRAL.

    Over 7 is getting to the acidic side of things, the closer to 0 (zero) the more alkaline the substance is.

    Chocloate (unprocessed) comes in at between (an average) of 7.0 to 7.5

    So, chocolate is as close to "base or neutral" as you can get......

    Vanilla extract is an olfactory indicator. You can't smell the characteristic scent at high pH (alkaline solution) because the molecule is in its ionic form.

    Hope this helps!!!

    Christopher K.

    Source(s): I was professionally trained at Le Cordon Bleu......LCB certified......
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    neither have acid in them. Acid is found in citrus products as well as tomatoes.

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