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What do you think of this?

I just brainstormed this whole thing about an hour ago. I'm aware that it needs to be developed, but does it sound like it has any potential?


Title: IVY

Basic Plot:

The lives of Harvey and Brown Aldridge, Yale Keller, Cora Westwick - 4 multimillionaire students at America’s best (fictional) school, Ivy Brook Prep, who are working their way towards Ivy League universities.



Harvard Casper “Harvey” Aldridge: Harvey is Ivy Brook’s most popular student. He is gorgeous, funny and charismatic, but not particularly smart. Almost all the guys want to be him and almost all the girls want to be with him. He is on 2 teams (baseball and lacrosse), but only because his dad is the coach, and he is a surprisingly down to earth person. He only has eyes for Yale, but dates others anyway because hates being lonely. His family is in a large amount of debt, but he keeps this a secret.

Yale Alexis Keller: Yale is Ivy Brook’s most popular girl, mostly because her family is number 2 on the USA Rich List. Like with Harvey, almost all the girls want to be her and almost all the guys want to be with her, even though, as one of the many blondes at IBP, she is rather plain looking. Like most popular people, Yale thrives on power and loves being at the top of the student body. She is in a relationship with Brown, but begins to fall for Harvey. She has an older sister, Cali, who is disabled, bust she would never tell anyone and keeps up the facade that her sister is studying abroad.

Brown Cyrus Aldridge: Brown, Harvey’s fraternal twin, is different to his brother. While Harvey is lean and blonde with blue eyes, Brown is brunet and muscular with green eyes. He is quite popular, yet, rather than being down to Earth like Harvey, he is a conniving womanizer. He is very close to his brother. He is dating Yale, but secretly loves Cora, who is in a relationship with Penn. His family is in a large amount of debt, but he keeps this a secret.

Cornell Rose “Cora” Westwick: Cora is more smart than popular, but still embraces status. Unlike the others, she was not born into wealth, but rather adopted by two movie stars who began the “African baby adoption” trend. Her best friend is Yale, who she is often overshadowed by. She develops feelings for Brown, but ignores them for her own good, and is in a relationship with Penn to help him conceal his sexuality. She covets attention, but doesn’t get much, and secretly wishes to find her real mother.


Pennsylvania Alden “Penn” Clarke: Penn is a poor scholarship student at Ivy Brook. He is bisexual, and slightly more inclined to wanting to be with males, and so is dating childhood friend Cora to hide this. He secretly sells drugs so he can buy stuff for himself and his sister that makes them appear rich.

Columbia Eleanore “Ollie” Clarke: Ollie is Penn’s naive younger sister and an aspiring dancer. She desperately wants to be part of the social scene and will do anything to get to that position.

Claire de Lune Collins: Dark, conniving Claire is one who wishes to be at the top of the school’s hierarchy through any means possible (usually sex, bribery and cruelty).

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    I like it, it sounds like it would be a very interesting story. i love how u used College names for the names of the Characters, that's a neat idea. This would def. be a book i would read, :D.

    Hope this helps and good luck with ur story, :D.

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