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Obama supporters, is this your lucky day?

Obama supporters only: want 10 points? Answer the following questions. Best Answer goes to a bonafide Obama supporter.

Many Conservatives believe Obama is not Constitutionally qualified to be President. How would you respond to the following allegations?

1) The "Certificate of Live Birth" was typically used by Hawaiians who gave birth overseas to register their children once they returned to Hawaii. Even the Hawaiian Lands Department does not accept it as proof of local birth. Considering the Certificate Obama showed has been thoroughly examined on a microscopic level (see website below) and found to be a fraud, why do you believe it is real?

2) Obama's mother took Indonesian citizenship for herself and Obama. Even his school records there showed his citizenship as Indonesian. Indonesia does not allow for dual citizenship, so at the point she took Indonesian citizenship, she forfeited any possible claim of citizenshp for Obama. How can you deny this/

3) Obama's mother was not yet 19 when she gave birth to Obama, and according to the prevailing law, the Immigration Act of 1940, a mother must be at least 19 to pass on citizenship to a foreign born child.

4) Both Obama's paternal grandmother in Kenya and the Kenyan ambassador have said on record Obama was born in Kenya. A hospital there claims it is his birthplace. Did these people lie?

5) There is no record of Obama having an American passport until he got into the Illinois legislature. However, Obama cites several international trips, including one to Pakistan in 1980. Since that country was off limits to Americans then, as dictated by the State Department, how could Obama go there with an American passport? Could it be he was using an Indonesian passport?

6) Obama has spent close to one million dollars (last online figure was $800,000 but that is at least a half year old) to resist showing the actual document. Why?

OK, this should be an easy question for one of you. I'm assuming you support Obama based on a thorough knowledge of your candidate, so feel free to educate me regarding these issues.

Update 2:

Liberals, you have embarrassed yourselves. Not even ONE of you could answer any of these questions. That is appalling.

To the person who suggested I check out, I have. Their information is biased and flawed. For example, they also claim "The Clinton Body Count" has no merit. They argue that most of the people who died at very CONVENIENT times for the Clintons (usually just a day or two before they were going to reveal damaging information about the Clintons) were just passing acquaintances. That is a lie. Look at the list: it includes their lawyers, highest level campaign staff, and the people who worked closely with the Clintons.

Obviously, cannot be trusted, no more than we can expect a thoughtful response from the Obama crowd.

But you've still got a couple days. Let's see some REAL answers.

Update 3:

To "Steph W" Congratulations... you are in lead for best answer, even though practically everything you say is contradicted by what is publically known!

1) There is no "State Department." involvement in a birth certificate. Where the heck did you come up with this??

2) According to his school registration, he was Indonesian. Many people believe he was adopted by Soetero, and certainly used the name Barry Soetero:

3) I believe he was born in Kenya. This is why he refuses to produce a real birth certificate; it doesn't exist in the U.S.

4) There are reports she did travel there:

5) Obama's citizenship follows his mother's in this case. We know she took Indonesian citizenship.

6) This is the biggest irony of all: everyone assumes it was "vetted", but no one was authorized to do so.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1) The state Department of Health no longer issues copies of paper birth certificates as was done in the past, said spokeswoman Janice Okubo.

    The department only issues "certifications" of live births, and that is the "official birth certificate" issued by the state of Hawaii, she said.

    "The Department of Hawaiian Home Lands accepts both Certificates of Live Birth (original birth certificate) and Certifications of Live Birth because they are official government records documenting an individuals birth. The Certificate of Live Birth generally has more information which is useful for genealogical purposes as compared to the Certification of Live Birth which is a computer-generated printout that provides specific details of a persons birth."

    2) Those school records show Honolulu as place of birth. If you are looking to them to you right you are looking in the wrong place. If he was born in Hawaii as the records say he is a US citizen by birth. By becoming an Indonesian citizen he would not lose his citizenship as US law does not allow minors to renounce their citizenship:

    § 1481. Loss of nationality by native-born or naturalized citizen; voluntary action; burden of proof; presumptions

    (a) A person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by voluntarily performing any of the following acts with the intention of relinquishing United States nationality--

    (1) obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application or upon an application filed by a duly authorized agent, after having attained the age of eighteen years; or

    (2) taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after having attained the age of eighteen years; or

    (3) entering, or serving in, the armed forces of a foreign state if (A) such armed forces are engaged in hostilities against the United States, or (B) such persons serve as a commissioned or noncommissioned officer; or

    (4) (A) accepting, serving in, or performing the duties of any office, post, or employment under the government of a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after attaining the age of eighteen years if he has or acquires the nationality of such foreign state; or (B) accepting, serving in, or performing the duties of any office, post, or employment under the government of a foreign state or a political subdivision thereof, after attaining the age of eighteen years for which office, post, or employment an oath, affirmation, or declaration of allegiance is required; or

    (5) making a formal renunciation of nationality before a diplomatic or consular officer of the United States in a foreign state, in such form as may be prescribed by the Secretary of State; or

    (6) making in the United States a formal written renunciation of nationality in such form as may be prescribed by, and before such officer as may be designated by, the Attorney General, whenever the United States shall be in a state of war and the Attorney General shall approve such renunciation as not contrary to the interests of national defense; or

    8 USCS § 1481

    3) This assumes he is foreign born and it irrelevant

    4) On Oct. 16, an Anabaptist minister named Ron McRae called Sarah Hussein Obama, the president-elects 86-year-old paternal step-grandmother, at her home in Kenya. Two translators were on the line when McRae asked if the elder Obama was present when the president-elect was born. One of the translators says yes. McRae contacted Berg and gave him a partial transcript of the call with a signed affidavit. He opted not to include the rest of the call, in which he asks the question more directly"Was he born in Mombassa?"and the translators, finally understanding him, tell him repeatedly that the president-elect was born in Hawaii.



    5) Pakistan was not off limits to Americans it was under a travel advisory.

    A New York Times article written by a journalist who traveled to Pakistan that year:

    6) Legal fees are not a matter of public record. Let me save you the trouble of finding the WND article that speculated his campaign funds were being used in the to fight eligibility suits. This mistaken line of reasoning is based off distributions from his campaign to Perkins Coie, the general counsel for his campaign. There are many explanations for the fees, as there are many legal considerations in a campaign, as is evidenced by

    Source(s): the hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal fees incurred prior to any of these lawsuits. Imagine the varying procedures for lawyers involved in verifying campaign finance, in observing documentation of expenses, ballot access procedures, tax matters, and contract negotiations for all of the services the campaign used. This reasoning insinuates that because he paid legal fees after the suit, he paid fees because of the suit. It is a logical fallacy, Post hoc ergo propter hoc, and a poor one at that. Let me ask if you have ever worked in a law firm? Have you ever drafted a 12(b)(1) or 12(b)(6) pre-answer motion to dismiss? It is one of the simplest and cheapest pleadings you can file in a lawsuit, and is used to get rid of meritless suits before they become costly. I'll take my 10 points now
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  • 1) Because the "Certificate of Live Birth". Is official. Period. it has the official seal and state department. Lol what more do you want? His DNA?

    2)Again, Obama was born in Hawaii. He never claimed to have Dual citizenship in Indonesia. He had Dual citizenship for America And Kenya as a child but lost the Kenya citizenship when he turned 21. Which leaves what? Yes, American citizenship.

    3)Sooo many things wrong with this one. For one it contradicts your claim that he is not a citizen. Any child born in the United states is an American citizen. Which goes back to the fact that Obama was BORN IN HAWAII, so why would she need to pass citizenship to a foreign born child? Does not make sense.

    4) No they didn't lie. The statement that they said this IS A LIE. Obama's mother has never been to Kenya, so i doubt she was able to give birth to Barack while physically being in HAWAII.

    5) No. being as though he never had Indonesia citizenship in the 1st place. For the very reason you have pointed out, Indonesia did not recognize dual citizenship..they were there on a visa. American citizens are required to have a visa to enter Indonesia.

    6) Lol Completely False. He has shown the document. Just because you "think" there is another one out there does not mean that there is. Seriously, the FBI and CIA have reviewed it. It was deemed valid. End of story.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As I have said many times before, you could be in the same room with the obstetrician who delivered him in Hawaii and you would still deny his eligibility. I could send you to, but that would debunk your "microscopic examination", so you wouldn't like it.

    You can spend the next 4 to 8 years harping on this if you like. The rest of us have far more pressing business to attend to.

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 through 6 only require this response: the US Supreme Court decided to not hear any of the concerns that you are printing here.

    Stop whining and go on with your day. This whine got boring 6 months ago.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree 100%. Such obvious issues yet most of your answerers won't even read through the first paragraph. We are dealing with a large portion of society that just don't care about anything as long as they can continue to leach off of the rest of us..

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, today is not my lucky day. I just found out that I did not win the lotto last night.

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  • Sugar
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    ~~ Every day you are alive Is a blessed day. With all that is happening nowadays.

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  • 1 decade ago

    OK, his Birth certificate was written on the wall of the Kenyan birthing hut where he was born so HA HA HA I got you on that one.~!

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  • Absolutely ingenious question...

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  • 1 decade ago

    What I wonder is why his birth certificate looks like my kids when he is older that I am.

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