Where can I report a government agency such as the Department of Social Services for failing to do their job?

Just need to know who to report them to.


One problem I am running into is that the agency is in a neighboring state. If it were here, I would be in their office daily speaking to a supervisor. It is a case of child abuse/neglect/munchausen by proxy that has been going on for nearly a year at least. They were involved a year ago and have even made the mother clean her house but now the State of Missouri has no idea what anyone is talking about and say they have no case or files. I cannot get a response to an e-mail and my mother-in-law cannot get a worker to speak to her. Everyone, including the child's father, myself (step-mom), both grandmothers, grandfather, and two aunts have been opposed to what she is doing with the child because we know she is lying to DSS and the doctor. I have no clue how the child welfare workers can do nothing and now "lose" their paperwork.

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    I would need some more details to this. However, All gov't departments have reps to handle all complaints. You need to call them and ask who you can speak to. It would also help to do this verbally and in writing. You'll need the names of all the employees you dealt with as well as supervisor's names. Document everything, complete with details. You will need to specifically name people who you feel failed to do their job. Its a lot of work, but if you don't do this properly, then the complaint wont go very far. As for contacting a local congressman, senator or other politician, thats just wasting your time.. 1- Its not high on their priority list, and 2 - They really dont care except for their political agenda. So dont bother with that.

    If you feel this is bordering on blatant negligence, you can contact the media. The media loves attacking govt agencies, however, if it might hurt President Obama's image, you can forget that too. The media wont dare hurt his image.

    Feel free to contact me about this. I'd be happy to see if I can help.

    triumph4me2 at yahoo

    Source(s): I'm a govt employee.
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    Technically they work for the president. So you could report them to him. Of course that won't get you very far. You might get more done by going through the media if it's a very nasty story or there is a wide-spread issue.

    Typically when a government agency is not doing what they are supposed to and you are directly affected, you can sue them to make them follow the laws and procedures they have in place. Those tend to be long ugly fights that are not worth the trouble and expense though.

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    Contact your state congressman. That's what their job, to take complaints and find solutions for constituents.

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