Do you think my mom is being realistic about boating on the 4th? Does this happen often?

my friend invited me on her boat on the fourth of july. her dads an experienced boater, has lifejackets, emergency stuff, etc. My friend offered that my mom could speak to him, but she already knows him fairly well, since this is one of my best friends fathers. my mom is afraid of drunk boaters, that we would crash. does this happen often? shes even refusing to talk to my friends father, which i think is unrealistic. she should at least speak with him before saying a flat out 'no.'

i know shes doing it because she cares, but i'm tired of her always saying no because she is too overprotective. i'm 15, which isn't that old or anything, but i'm a good kid, i do well in school, i don't lie to my parents and they know it. its just they are too overprotective.

so, my questions are, Do you think my mom is being realistic? Does this happen often?



and by does this happen often i mean do people often get killed or injured by drunk boater on the 4th of july?

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    Let's start by saying that your mother has a valid concern as she is simply looking out for your safety. She is right that boating accidents happen and the majority of these are caused by alcohol.

    However, let's take the 4th of July here in Washington, DC. This Saturday there will be a minimum of 1,000 boats anchored on the Potomac River for the day to watch the fireworks show. As soon as the show ends the majority of them will leave. Of those who leave there will be a few who have been drinking and I can assure you that one of them will run into a bridge. Happened 6 years in a row when we went up for the show.

    Now, did this stop us from going? No. Should it stop your mother from letting you go? No. Why? These were all single boat accidents and in each case nobody was killed or injured. Each weekend on the Potomac there are many more boats on the water than the 4th. Each weekend there is drinking. Yet, very few weekends during the season have anyone getting into an accident and hurting or killing someone. Does it happen though? Yes. Is it dangerous though? No.

    Your mother should speak to the owner of the boat about this and get his input into his experience and the safety of your going. But you cannot make your mother call for that is her right and sadly you must accept her reasoning as being a valid concern. You may not be happy with the decision but you do have to remember that your mother is only doing this for she loves you and wants to make certain you have many years ahead of you to have life experiences such as this. It's not going to be easy to do but do realize she's not doing this to hurt you at all...she just wants you to be safe.

    Happy 4th of July!

    Source(s): 20+ yrs of boating...accident free!
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    Hi there... Your mom is right to be worried. Its not the skills of your friends father its the idiots on the water. I liv in Florida and I will not go out on a boat on any of the major holidays. We live close to the gulf and have lived in West palm beach. Each time the number of drunk boaters reported grows. Furthermore, having been on the water one holiday and seen how stupid people can be when they drink that was it.

    We live near to lake a nd river.. Withlachoochee.. and believe me on holidays it gets crowded and FWC and the sheriffs dept have a busy time. I used to work for a local Police department ad when we met up with the sheriffs dept the Deputies would have to work all holidays some to ma the boats because of the number of accidents and amount of drinking on the water. So maybe for once listen to your mom.. shes right to be concerned.

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    Urban and suburban waterways are going to be a madhouse on July 4, full of people who have more boat than they have good sense, and have no business being on the water -- that's pretty realistic.

    She's made up her mind and so doesn't want any more information that might make her doubt her judgement -- that's pretty realistic.

    Overprotective....maybe, but that's not unrealistic either.

    Most bodies of water are more dangerous than usual on holiday weekends, but not all are exceedingly dangerous. In my neck of the woods, you'd totally want to stay off Lake Lewisville for example, but there are a dozen lakes within 100 miles that would be just fine.

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    there are a ton of boaters out on the lakes and waterways for the 4th. she may not be worried about you or your friends father, but shes worried about the other people out there.

    if she says no i would stick with what she says. its not unrealistic because you cant control the actions of others you dont know. maybe shell let you go out on a different occasion when there are less people out

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    shes not being unrealistic.depending on what state you live in they require that boat operators take a safety course.also the marine patrol has really been cracking down on drinking and boating.i think that your mom should at least talk to your friends dad.i have four kids myself ranging from 9-2years.we have a boat and i feel totally safe on the river on the 4th.

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