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Can I just stop taking birth control?

I started birth control on the first day of my period, it's been ten days, I've been taking the pills at the same time daily like instructed but I still have my period and it's a relatively heavy flow - not just spotting. I don't have the patience to wait until my period is over to have sex with my boyfriend.

I'm assuming the hormones are messing up my cycle and I should wait a few months for my body to get used to the pills but is it okay if I just stop taking them to get my cycle back on track before I go back to my doctor and ask for a different brand of pills seeing as these ones aren't strong enough for me!! Thanks! :)

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    If you are going to stop taking the pills for any amount of time and plan on having sexual intercourse during that time, you should definitely use condoms unless you are trying to get pregnant. Besides, I always thought you were supposed to start those pills the first day AFTER your period stops...I could be wrong, but I think you are only supposed to take the sugar pills during the week of your period.

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