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questions about our government - please answer as much as u know!?

- can u give me the names of the people in michelle obama's inner staff

- can u give me the names of the cabinet members? i only need these--> homeland security, national security advisor

- name of Chairman of joint chiefs of staff, the head of military arm?

- the speaker of the House

- House and Senate majority and minority leaders

- Senator majority/minority whips?

- Chief justice of the Supreme Court

thank u to anybody who answers - u guys are life savers!!!!

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    Mike Ullen is the name of chairman joints of staff and so on. 3rd qustion Nancy Pelosi is the 4th one

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    no one elected michelle obama. do you think it's right she should have a staff? do you happily pay your taxes to support it?

    you should be able to google all of these to find the answers, or even go to .gov websites

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    Google can... top answer me

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