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(23) Ted ____ New York by air tomorrow afternoon.

(A) is going for (B) was going to (C) goes to (D) is leaving

(38) It's $1000 ____.

(A) all (B) together (C) altogether (D) at all

(28) Dennis ____ the department store.

(A) hurries (B) is hurry to (C) is hurrying to (D) is ina hurry

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  • 1 decade ago
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    23 - (d). this means that he (Ted) is flying from NY to an unknown place. "is leaving" is used, instead of "will leave" to show that the departure is imminent.

    38 - (c) this is the same as it's $1000 in total.

    28 - (c) "hurry" is also used as a verb (vi) to mean "to move with haste". "is hurrying to" is used instead of "hurries to" to indicate the movement is in progress.

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