where is chemical engineering program at Cornell ranked according to US news?

Does any body know?!

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    I actually just graduated from this program! I'm really glad you asked.

    Basically, you need to consider what you want to do. First off, its called Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering to attract future PhD students. A lot of my classmates went on to do their PhDs in different fields, including drug delivery and biomedical engineering.

    I graduated a year ago in 2008. Although Cornell's program is very research oriented, its still looked at highly from within and outside the University. Besides AEP, Cornell ChemEs are considered to have accomplished one of the hardest majors at Cornell. Even the AEP kids sometimes think we're crazy.

    Once getting out, I started working in refining. Refining is a very hands on process, especially considering what we learned at school. Other schools, such as University of Delaware and Drexel University, boast about their hands on approach to learning with their co-ops and design classes. Cornell's ChemE academics focus on quite a bit of mathematics and learning a diverse subject.

    Keep in mind however, Cornell's Engineering program is worldwide recognized and, in my opinion, its much better to go to a great university and build your personal network in addition to getting a great education. Although sometimes harassed by my coworkers, people are generally impressed and assume I know what I'm doing.

    If you have any questions about Cornell, ChemE, campus life, please just shoot me a quick line. I'm more than willing to help.

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    You will need to subscribe to US News to get an exact idea. It is a premier service and just posting the rank would be a violation. To the best of my knowledge it is highly ranked and if you are planning on studying at a good school and you should certainly go for it.


    This is when services like http://www.general-ed.com and http://www.connect2gurus.com/forums/forumdisplay.p... come handy

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