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Full lace wig:Silky Straight or Light Yaki?

Hello! I have brought a lace wig before, but it kept matting and tangling everytime i moved my head( if anyone knows how to minimize this let me know)

so now i want a light yaki or silky straight(i'm pretty sure these will not tangle as much). The only thing is inexpensive light yaki lace wigs are hard to find...and i would like to try the silky straight but i dont want it to look unatural on me. I am african american( a sahde darker then Tyra) and i want the wig in #1(jet black). My hair is naturally like regular african-american hair that needs to be relaxed everyweek.

for a picture

so please let me know if the silky straight would look very "fake" on me or not.


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    The issue is buying cheap lace fronts and full lace wigs. Some things you can get for less price and its still good quality but the reason lace wigs range to such a high price is because you are paying for quality hair and labor. The best ones are single strand hair hand sewn in using the best human hair.

    Im not saying get a $6000 wig but there are so many for $100-$150 I see today that people are wasting there money on wondering why it wont last long and why it gets nappy so quick. It is an investment. You can get a lace wig repaired, professionally washed, etc. so buying one for $250-$500 is worth the investment if you will be using it overtime.

    If you are getting a full wig the texture does not matter unless you will keep out your own baby hair which some people do to make it look even more natural. Obviously if that is the case then the yaki will match your hair texture better. Both work but since you are getting the wig to get different hairstyle/easier texture try the silky straight.

    If you are worried about natural looking the biggest issue I see is that women get the standard sizes versus customized wigs. Customized or not, make the wig maker or stylist thin out the front for you/create a progression in density. Naturally do you ever see a thick patch of hair start right from your hairline? No, you see it progress in thickness as your hair goes back from hairline to nape of neck. This is a dead giveaway for a lace wig if your hairline is a forest of hair.



    As a side note, I hope you typo'ed and dont really mean you relax your hair weekly or else you will have a hair 911 lol.

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