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Question about tap?????

i am going to a summer camp and there is tap there along with many other styles of dance. I have never taken tap before and all the other people going are really good at tap. Should I not go to the tap day? I do not want to buy the shoes and then never use them again. is tap fun? is it easy to learn?

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    tap is really fun, even if you haven't done it before, you might be able to pick it up. even if you cant, i think you should still give it a go! you might find out that you are really good at tap and you might even enjoy it!

    Ebay usually has tap shoes that are still in good condition but are cheap, and after you use them, you can always put them back on Ebay and get your money back.

    this is my 12th year tap dancing and i am loving it! Don't worry too much about it. are you sure EVERYONE else is good at tap? there could be someone else having the same worries.


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    tap is really fun if your good. I wouldn't buy tap shoes just to wear them once so i would just not go to the tap day. i wouldn't want you to make a fool out of yourself if your with a bunch of good tappers and you don't know how. If most people are really good then it would take a while to get up to there level!

    you can take it over the school year and then next year go to the camp and tap away!


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