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Pharmaceutical Industry during/after World War III or 2012?

What whould happen to the Pharmaceutical Industry, especially someone who has M.S. in Pharmaceutical Engineering if there is a World War, or somekind of Economic Collapse like that predicted around 2012(which I don'd believe, but what if?)? Will I be able to find a good paying job or will the World or U.S. not care for pharmaceuticals during a certain crisis like lack of general resources like food and water?


I would appreciate specific answers

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    The question is non-sequitor knowing that WWIII will be nuclear. How could it not, by definition, two super powers in all out war fighting for their survival.

    Unfortunately, WWIII will be global suicide, therefore in answer to your question, as long as there's rational superpowers who believe in MAD, there will be no WW3. By definition, the next world war wil be nuclear, how could it not. In a nuclear war there will be no winner. In a nuclear world, the only true enemy is war itself.

    The next World War will involve a nuclear exchange, how could it not if both sides believe no price for victory will be too high. In the first 30 minutes, nearly a billion people will have been vaporised, mostly in the US, Russia, Europe, China and Japan. Another 1.5 billion will die shortly thereafter from radiation poisoning. The northern hemisphere will be plunged into prolonged agony and barbarity.

    Eventually the nuclear winter will spread to the southern hemisphere and all plant life will die. You ask what will the pharmaceutical Industry be like post WWWIII, you are asking when will we commit global suicide. My answer is it won't happen soon because the larger superpowers are more rational than the rump states in the middle east.

    While we hear talk of a nuclear-Iran or a confrontation with NorKor, little is said about the 2 bulls in the glass shop. The arsenals of Russia and the US are enough to destroy a million Hiroshimas. But there are fewer than 3000 cities on the Earth with populations of 100,000 or more. You cannot find anything like a million Hiroshimas to obliterate. Prime military and industrial targets that are far from cities are comparatively rare. Our biggest threat is from an accidental launch by the Russians.

    At the point of global suicide, it doesn't matter who is on what side....where you go to hide, or how long you can survive, or whether you're in the pharmaceutical business or not. In a nuclear age like i said before, the only true enemy is war itself.

    Source(s): An economic collapse is another matter, but those are always in cycles. The year 2012 is the next 2000K, there's been hundred of other apocolyptic prediction before this one...
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    If you real think there'll quickly be an international warfare or a Great Depression, you do not ought to seem for a certain profession given that they're all susceptible. My pal's father used to be a well chippie within the 1950's - developed residences from scratch by means of himself however in no way talked to someone. Turns out he have been a fiscal supervisor that used to be burnt up within the despair and eventually bought a role as a chippie someday within the 1930's.

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    you are right, you hit the nail on the head.

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    Big Pharma=big and very.

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