Needs some info on Steam rooms and Saunas?

Which one is better for you. What are the benefits of both? Are they even really different at all?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Steam rooms use moisture and less heat, saunas are generally hotter and dry. You will sweat more in the steam room than in the sauna as a rule, because the humidity will decrease the amount of evaporation and cooling you would get by sweating. The result of being in either room is usually relaxation, and there isn't really an advantage to either system. Steam rooms are also more of a bacteria and fungus hazard than a sauna, due to the moisture and lower heat. So you should always put a towel between you and the bench, and wear something on the feet. You still would want the same protection in the sauna though, but there you need protection from the higher heat of the exposed surfaces. You would be more likely to toast areas of a highly personal nature on the sauna bench. Deciding between the two is really a personal choice though, and neither is better nor worse than the other.

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