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Old NHL Conference names?

Who invented the old NHL conference names, and how did he come up with the names?

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    Up until 1967, the NHL's regular season champion was awarded the Prince of Wales Trophy (named after the Prince of Wales (who went on to nbecome King George VI I believe). In 1967, the Prince of Wales Trophy was to the 1st place finisher in the Eastern Conference.

    Starting in 1967, the NHL's teams donated a trophy in honour of the League President, Clarence S. Campbell, to be donated to the 1st place finisher in the Western Conference.

    In 1974, with the addition of the Kansas City Scouts and Washington Capitals - the conferences were named after their respective trophies. In 1990, John Ziegler convened a commission to see whether or not the names should be kept after many people complained (mostly Canadians) about not being able to keep track of teams and divisions. At the 1992 draft, John Ziegler announced that beginning with the 1993-1994 season, the names would be changed to geographical terms to help the fans. During 1991 - the season ticket holders of all 22 teamns voted overwhelmingly to drop the historical names for divisions and conferences (97% in Montreal and 95% in Quebec voted against historical names, compared to 57% in Boston - possibly because none of the names had a history with the Canadiens)

    Note: The Chicago Black Hawks, Detroit Red Wings, New York Islanders, and Philadelphia Flyers are the only teams to win the Stanley Cup, the President's Cup, The Prince of Wales Trophy, and the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl

    Source(s): Was on the 1990/91 committee
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    Prince of Wales Conference was the other one.

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    Campbell for Clarence Campbell (that's now the West)

    Wales for (honestly I'm not sure) (that's now the East)

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    the long island Islanders are on the east coast and thanks to this they are interior the eastern convention. in case you probably did comprehend long island is each and each of how on the east coast. The Blue Jackets and Blackhawks are the two interior the west. that's reported as the Stanley Cup not the Stanley Cup Championship.

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