Young and Restless remember when ? Happened/ Old Viewers reply?

Remember when Micheal raped Christine? Remember when the mob story?The guy's name was Tyrone( he was a black guy). He wore white makeup to avoid the mob but then a white woman fell in love with him. she was the mobb boss's daughter, Mr Bigg, I for got how the story ended. That was years ago,remember when Dru couldn't read or write? .Remember Snapper!?! remenber Lance Prentice,remember the lady who wore the veil

SNAPPER!! David Hasselhoff!! Back in the old days!! Remember when Kay watched Jill and Phillip getting it on in the stables? That next night I think is when she drove off the cliff.. Remember when Brad crazy blonde wife locked him in a cage?, Remember Douglas, Victor's good friend? He used to call Victor 'Old boy', remember Victors first wife,. She was having an affair with a man, I think he was a doctor. They were going to run away together but Victor made a dungeon in the basement and locked him in there and his wife (Julia?) thought this man had jilted her.,,Remember when Nina's baby was stolen? Sold on the black market.,,Does anyone remember when that nut was obsessed with Lauren and he buried her alive? Wow! And, of course, her "true love", Paul, came to the rescue? I can picture that guy's face ,,Remember when Nina had a child with Phillip who was in love with Cricket (who was her best friend)?

Remember when Nina's baby was stolen? Sold on the black market,,

what I do remember about the show many years ago was Victor having an affair with Ashley. I remember Nicki marrying Jack. I also remember thinking that was such and odd marriage because they never made out on screen he barely gave her a peck on the cheek before going to work in the morning and then all of a sudden it was over. I also remember Lauren and Paul being married and how Lauren was really nasty to Tracy. But my fondest memory was Brad Carlton triming the hedges and cleaning the Abbot pool in his little red shorts with white trim,,,fun questions answer what you can and add your memories.

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    Oh that was so incredible Yes I remember I'm so old lol and they were some good story lines the one with Lauren and the guy that tried to kill her .I remember one that was really good was in the very beginning when this guy was stalking Nikki and was hiding in her house behind the curtains you could see his shoes underneath the curtains I think Victor saved her I'm not sure I'll have to look that up I always wanted them to find Nina's baby the one that got kidnapped from Rose the actress was the woman that played Sally Spectra thanks for the memories!

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    Wow what a trip When Lauren and Paul were married remember their tiny little apartment and the bike they use to hang on the wall. And Andy, Paul's sidekick was Steven Ford, Gerald Fords son. Mamie and John Abbott were married. Ashley and Victor had a secret house to go to a little hide away. Brad locked up in a cage, and the girl that had him lock in there with real long hair, Mary Jane must have picked up where she left off. And Phyllis putting the baby octopus or squid in Cricket's bed on her and Danny's honeymoon. Lauren held captive on the boat.

    And how about Eva Longoria trying to electrocute Cricket in the bathtub.

    I can still see Brad in those shorts. Best soap on the air was always my favorite.

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    Wow - thank you for the stroll down memory lane! I had forgotten many of the things you said until I read it - then the 'AHA, I remember that' bulb came on!

    Some of the things I do not remember - Snapper for example!

    Do you remember Paul's partner Andy? That is when I started watching Y & R. Remember all of the Abbott's pool parties and YES how horrid Lauren was to Tracey.

    I really liked when recently, Tracey had come back to town and her and Lauren had a moment together and Lauren gave a heartfelt apology for the way she treated her all those years ago. Brought a tear to my eye!

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    If that's the reason and it was because once again the nasty *** producers were trying to push him to play a part depicting him as a homosexual like they seem to want to do to everyone these days because it's "IN" thing to do, then I can fully understand his reasons. I for one as a heterosexual am totally sick of just having to watch it, I can't even imagine having to play a part where my job would be on the line if I refused to have physical contact. As it is I change channels constantly because I refuse to watch shows that have it on. When all have it, I guess I'll throw the TV out altogether or watch older reruns. For the record I don't care what anyone does behind close doors it's their business I just don't want to see it. To me watching two homosexuals kissing and fondling one another in a sexual manner is no less offensive than seeing a person hook up with a dog or other animal because neither were created to be together in that way.

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    I remember some of those things. I remember Paul's girlfriend Cindy who died. And I remember Paul's secretary, the one that limped when she walked. I can't remember her name but she was really nice. I think she secretly liked Paul?

    Man I didn't know John and Mamie were married?!?!

    I remember something about Paul's dad was hiding out for some reason.

    And paul's sister Patti! She was SO beautiful! I have been trying to find pics of her, but none as pretty as I remember.

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    Yes, I remember. I remember when Y & R had the best writers of all the soap Operas. I remember when the story lines were exciting and interesting. I remember when I use to enjoy watching Y & R. But now the story lines STINK. And the writers are brain dead. But as the segments that you mentioned, those " were " the days.

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    Wow, what a great memory you have!

    I can hardly even remember all that happened that far back, but that is what made Y&R the true classic that it is.

    Don't ya sometimes wish it could be like that once again?

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    There was also a storyline where Nina, Danny, and Cricket were dressed up in lingerie maybe to catch a crook. Maybe, it was a masquerade ball or something. What happened to Ryan?

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    the one i remember most is the david kimball story where the plastic surgeoun carved murderer on his forehead when he wanted plastic surgeru so he could look like david haselhoff

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    I've watched on and off for about 30 years.. since I was a little girl watching it with my mom :) So yep a lot of this sounds very familiar. Thanks for the memories! :)

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