Who are allies of the United States?

Correct me if i'm wrong:



South Korea





are there more?

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    Canada, Mexico, UK, Australia, South Korea, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Chile, New Zealand, Philippines, India, Spain, Denmark, Belgium.

    Those cover the industrialized nations with which we have a good deal of common ground from an industrial/political perspective.

    There is a second tier of states which are marginal allies of the United States or which would work with us if their interests were being served or the need was consistent to their interests and usually require only a minimal inducement but sometimes require much more.

    Sweden, Norway, France, Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, Brazil, Columbia, Romania, Czechoslovakia and probably a goodly number of other states.

    Other states that would only generally act under duress or pressure from the US Administration directly include a third tier of states they always require inducement and then may only act as they see fit not as we may have intended., Russia, China, Malaysia, Israel, Lebanon, Pakistan, Many other states in Sub-Saharan Africa including Nigeria, South Africa, Liberia, Congo, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Saudi Arabia.

    Lastly are states which are openly hostile to US interests or which may be willing/able to help but operate in ways which are unpredictable.

    Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, North Korea, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia,Pakistan,Syria, Iran, UAE, Yemen and again some states in Africa and the "Stan's" in the interior of Eurasia, mostly on account of the fact that these states are marginal dictatorships and are subject to the whims of their leadership circles.

    Some people might suggest I rank states differently, but when considered generally there are many states with which WE are quite friendly but which may not necessarily act in our interests unless continuously pressured to do so i.e.; Saudi Arabia or Israel.

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    Are we talking economic, diplomatic or military?

    Germany, Spain, Italy, Denmark, Iceland, Turkey, Thailand, the list goes on and on.

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    Saudi Arabia, where bin laden's from.

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    Iraq and almost all the world now. Thanks to Obama

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