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2001 Cadillac STS.. Headlights question?

Does the headlight housing come apart? And How? I just bought this car and the headlights are EXTREMELY foggy, causing lights to be very dim at night and not to mention they look like crap. I can't afford to buy new ones. Anyone who can help I will be thankful!!


I have bought a restoration kit but it requires me to get inside the headlight and I need to know if it comes apart before I go breaking it open and find that they aren't made to go back together.

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    I've never heard of a headlight restoration kit that requires you to get inside a sealed lamp, which those are, and cannot be opened. Most of the kits are a combination of special sandpapers and compounds designed to remove oxidation and wear. There are also stores that do this, including some Wal-Mart and Pep Boys stores, for a fairly low price. You can do a search for "Headlamp restoration" in your area and see if there are any places that do it. If the lamps have moisture in them the seal is broken and they have to be replaced. You can also call the used car departments of local dealers and ask if they have someone that does this, as there are usually professional guys that circulate among the dealers in an area performing this service. Good luck.

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    Just buy a headlight restoration kit for 10-20 bucks

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