Where can i find Kaycee Nicole's blog?

Where can i find Kaycee Nicole's blog?

I just read on cracked.com about this fake blog about a girl who had leukemia. And then i checked it out on snopes. And i just really wanted to read it. It sounds really interesting.

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    Kaycee Nicole was a fictional person created by Debbie Swenson of Kansas, who was the subject of an Internet hoax in 2001.

    Kaycee Nicole was presented as a high school or college student suffering from frequent and severe health problems, and had an online diary with a large Internet following. After it was "reported" that she had died of leukemia, triggering an outpouring of condolences and grief from her readers, some wondered whether she was in fact a real person. A grassroots investigation — much of it recorded in a contentious threaded discussion on MetaFilter — revealed that she did not exist, and had been an elaborate role-playing exercise by her adult "mother." Though Kaycee Nicole had accepted some gifts from readers, local and federal authorities determined there was not enough evidence for a fraud investigation.

    I think the blog has been removed now but try these links for more info :






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