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Is 13 an okay age to start wearing make up?

As in like eyeliner and sometimes natural eyeshadow or light purple and/or mascara

and cover up only on zits and occasionally (very rarely) light foundation and blush? I know how to apply everything correctly for the most part

And please colors for hazel eyes and light brown hair

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    Definitely! It doesn't sound like you plan on wearing like ten pounds of makeup, just the normal stuff, so yeah i think it would be fine! And for hazel eyes, try lining your eyes with light green eyeshadow or eyeliner. This depends on how greenish your eyes are, but generally it brightens up your eyes alot! And try putting contact solution on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow, it stays on longer! And always put on eyeshadow before eyeliner. If you plan on wearing liquid liner, put mascara on right after, and try using an eyelash curler. If people are telling you they are dangerouse, well, they kinda are, but if you are careful and know what you are doing, it adds a lot of volume to the lashes.

    Hope I helped!

    Source(s): im 13, but have been wearing makeup for a while
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    Yeah, I started wearing makeup when I was 13 (I'm 14 now and going into high school). I wore eyeshadow, some concealer and powder, mascara, eyeliner and blush...not too much though. I think that your plan is pretty good, it sounds like what I wore when I was 13. And as long as you apply your makeup correctly, you should be fine.

    BTW, I have hazel eyes too, and I like wearing purples to bring out the green, a nice lavender color in the crease with a light pinky purple on the lid would look really good on you. Also a tip I found out looks better, is that I take a really dark eyeshadow, either black or another dark color and I use it as eyeshadow. It looks more natural and you can even correspond eyeliner colors with the shadow's you're wearing.

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    I don't think eyeliner is appropriate for a thirteen year old, but mascara and some light eyeshadow would be fine, just not a lot. You could use some zit cover up when you really need it, and maybe a tiny bit of blush because you don't want people to think you're Miss. Blush-A-Mania.

    Things a Thirteen Year Old Should Not Use: Eyeliner; Lipstick; Lipliner;

    Things a Thirteen Year Old Could Use: Mascara; Eyeshadow; Blush; Cover Up

    *Remember, guys like it natural!*

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    At least you're not wearing inches.

    And also yeah, it's later than most people.

    I don't really wear much because I can't be bothered but I used to wear black eye pencil (that was it though) and loads of the girls who are like 11 wear lots of make up now.

    If you have hazel eyes like the bluey-greeny hazel then I would suggest purple, bright blue or soft orange.

    If you have browny-greeny eyes then gold or metallic colours really make your eyes stand out, especially with a little eyeliner.

    Cover-up on zits is fine, but make sure your foundation is only one shade above or below your skin tone colour.

    Light brown hair is a warm complexion so wear warm colours like orange and yellow, maybe some pale pinks and you can pull off greens and blues.

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    Any age is an okay age. It's not up to other people to tell you when you can and can't wear makeup, it's your decision. I started wearing makeup at 4 years old because of dance classes... but then I started wearing makeup on my own at 7. I actually think that 9-11 is a good age to start. Some people might think that's too young, and I noticed in your answers that some people think that even 13 is too young. But these days, kids are more mature than they were in say, the 80's. Go ahead and wear makeup, and you don't even have to stick to pastels or natural colours. As I always say... be crazy, be wild, be stupid, and be silly... because life's too short to be cool! :o)

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    I started wearing makeup when I was 13, and I basically wore mascara, eyeliner, powder, and a little blush. I think it's a good age to start.

    Of course, now I'm almost 16 and I love makeup! If you want to learn a little more about makeup and some of the higher end brands like MAC (my favorite!) You can watch some of the makeup guru's on youtube.

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    I started wearing makeup about grade 7, so yes I would say this is ok. Just don't go too extreme and try to make it natural looking. It sounds like you know what you are doing. Reading magazines or articles online is a good source for proper application and techniques.

    I have hazel eyes and brown hair as well, I like to wear brown and pink or purple eye shadows.

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    Yeah, I think that sounds like a good age. Natural colors, like eyeshadow in shades of light brown would probably look good with your eyes and hair. Any color lip gloss should work, but I would keep it close to your natural lip color. For mascara, I wouldn't get black...I would get blackish-brown so that the contrast with your light brown hair won't be too stark.

    SKIP THE BLUSH THOUGH! That is for old ladies and you run the risk of looking like a clown.

  • 13 is an okay age. Just don't put any face products on your face even if you have acne. face makeup contains a lot of chemicals.

    Eyeliner, natural eyeshadow with a bit of shimmer, and mascara and some gloss is all you need.

    You should probably save eyeliner for later though :)

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    yea i think that's a great age im 13 to and i started wearing makeup at 11 (yea too young) but i only wear a little like eyeliner mascara foundation and lip gloss and for hazel eyes blues and purples look best and good luck

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