r we dating????????????????????

so there is this guy i have been obbsessed with since we broke up last december and he found out i still like him. Last time i saw him we hung out the whole time and he told me he still liked me! so he got my fone number and we texted sumtimes and stuff. ooo dont say anything about my age bc i already no all that but he is 14 2 years older then me. But any way me,friend and him where 3 waying 1 nite and the next morning she called me to say that he asked her to ask me out and i said yes. that nite he called me but i couldnt talk bc i was at mexican restraunt 4 a party so he said he will call me later and the next day he texted me once and i replied but he never did again.... and this was 2 weeks ago... so my friend texted him LAST weekend and said r u and my name dating and he said i think........ but we still havent really talked besides hey wats up bladdy bladdy blahh... SO R WE GOIN OUT OR WAT


ummmm b4 when we were dating we never went out on a date i mean well we went into my front yard and made out and to swim practice and to r youth group and o my house ....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    No. A couple of missed phone calls and a text message or two does not make a dating relationship.

    You actually have to go out on a DATE for that to happen.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no. go on a date silly billy filly dilly

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