Sincerely asking: Can one be a Muslim and not follow all the rules of Islam? (details)?

I'm sorry if this seems a stupid question, but here's why I ask:

In Christianity, one need not follow all the rules to be a Christian. Indeed, for many, all they do is accept Christ as their savior and never give their beliefs a second thought. That's both accepted and rejected, depending on where you stand.

As for Jews, not all keep kosher, and some even celebrate Christmas. Why not? It's a fun time for all, and where's the harm if you only celebrate the secular aspects? Heck, some Christians even display the Jewish menorah -- maybe the family is of blended faiths, or maybe they just want to show solidarity to their Jewish friends. No harm there, either.

So, what I'm wondering is -- In Islam, can one simply declare faith in Allah, follow the teachings of Mohammed, say, "I'm a Muslim," and be done with it? Or is one required to follow the rules at all times?

Please, be respectful. We all have our opinions concerning the extremists in any belief, but that's not why I'm asking. There was a question earlier about a girl who converted to Islam, but felt she'd never find a Muslim man to marry her because she lost her virginity before her conversion. So, I've been wondering.

As always, thanks in advance, and no thumbs down from me.


Just a Christian ... flawed? I don't believe so. I'm simply passing along what I have observed in 30 years of living in the same town. You get to know the people, how they behave, what they believe.

What I've stated is true for my area.

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Yay! You finally answered one of my questions!


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    Thank you for your honest Question. I hope I understood it completely as I am trying to answer this with my limited knowledge,

    Can one be a Muslim and not follow all the rules of Islam?

    Is same as Can one be a Docter without Degree? Sure I can put on a white coat and operate on people but lets not get into what will happen to the patients.

    Lets Discuss what a Muslim is first,

    A Muslim is one who submits to God. Submitting to God to a Muslim is submitting to infinite wisdom and sum of Knowledge. Submitting to the love and care of the Creator. Trusting the will of the Creator. Knowing EVERYTHING happens for the good. This is a what a Muslim believes in,

    1) BELIEF IN ONE GOD (not 3 , not 5, not 10 or more) God the spectacular source. God the white light. God who loves the humble. God who forgives again and again. God who puts up with human selfishness. God who loves to give. God who is ready to appreciate service. God who loves purity of actions and speech. God who guards those who guard their prayers. God who is the sole incharge of the world. To a Muslim everything has been created by God and everyone will have to return to God. Every human being will be answerable for his own deeds and NOT others.

    2) BELIEF IN THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT. This is the day when all that was hidden will be made clear. God put men on earth and men showed God who they are with their actions. Day of Judgement, God will show humans every single thing they did. There will be many who will lie to God and say put us back on earth, this time we will do great and God will reply to them "Did not my messengers warned you of what you did?" As God is very Just, Man will create his own heaven and hell with his own actions. God will NEVER be unjust. A stronger entity does not lie to a weaker entity and neither is scared.

    3) BELIEF IN GOD'S ANGELS. Belief in Micheal, Gabriel etc on them be blessings. The ones who follow God's orders with perfection. Like Gabriel is the one who brought message to Mary and Muhammed and so many others.

    4) BELIEF IN GOD's PROPHETS. Believing in all of God's prophets like Abaraham, Jacob, John the Baptist, Noah, Lot, Moses, Jesus, Muhammed, David etc . Believing that God selected them to spread their message as they FOLLOWED what they preached. Were vigilant in abstinance, always ready to love and serve. God's peace and blessings be up the messengers.

    Similarly Muslims have other beliefs,

    Now, why does a muslim follows what he follows? Muslims view God's order as pure and one leading to Peace. Essesntially for a human's good. Muslims dont drink alcohol and eat pork as this introduces bacteria of negativity in human's body. These bacteria impede human's understanding and gives birth to self righteousness/ego which inturn seeks separation from rest of humanity. Muslims dont eat other meat unless meat has been blessed with God's name and cut in a ritual practice which Muslims call "Halal" and my Jewish brothers and sisters call "Kosher". Failure to cut may introduce anger and fear of the animal in human as the dna mixes which is why my hindu brothers and sisters dont eat meat. Muslims though CAN eat pork if their survival is dependant on it. God teaches nothing but purity and people who follow God do it for their OWN good. Muslims are ordered to learn from cradle to grave. Muslims hear people complaining "Why God kills people?" and wonders "Wasnt it God who gives life" .

    Muslims hear people complaining "Why the best voices are martrayed like Gandhi, Jesus, John the Baptist etc?" and wonders "Are they REALLY dead? or Are they alive and well with GOD, Perhaps we are dead and know it not" Muslims hear people complain "Why if we are made is God's image,world is so bad?" and wonders "Everything good that comes, comes from God and everything bad that comes, comes from desires of the ego" Muslims hear one atheist complaining "Why does not God do anything about all the bad happening in the World?" and another atheist complaning "So God does not like freewill and God floods the world, is this love of God?" and Muslims wonders "If these two atheists will sit down together, they will solve a riddle". Muslims hears alot of things and yet patiently perseveres. So a Muslim is AWARE and sees things for what they are. Muslim know God blesses Muslims and non-Muslims alike so Muslim utmost tries not to break a heart of human being with actions or words. Muslims know everyone is God's creation and a Muslim is in no way better then the other even though some have seen the unseen. A muslim when approaching God is humble and full of gratitude. He goes empty in mind as he knows he will disrespect God by thinking he knows alot. He has gratitude as he knows things could be way worse besides life is temporary and one has to return to God. What makes Muslim love eternity is WORSHIP OF GOD. With worship of God, Hell and Heaven will feel alike. Completing my rant in summarizing the religion of Islam, there

    Source(s): there are Muslims who kill. There are Muslims who have sex b4 marriage, gamble and drink alcohol. Sufis call them SO CALLED Muslims but then again who am I to judge as ever human being wether Muslim or Non Muslim will answer his own deeds. I have to care about my speech and deeds. "There was a question earlier about a girl who converted to Islam, but felt she'd never find a Muslim man to marry her because she lost her virginity before her conversion." hmmmmm Our masters like Jesus, Muhammed and Moses never judged a woman who was not a virgin. Muhammed married widows. Alas, there is LOADS OF LIES all around the world. One must have a sincere friend. In reality Tags like Muslims, Sufis, Jews, Christians , Hindus, Buddhists etc etc are NOT much use when God knows us through our actions. PEACE, LOVE AND BLESSINGS!
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    Depends on the mosque. For Eid there were a ton who wore it and ripped it off the second they were done praying. I don't have a problem personally with the fact that they don't wear it but it looked horrible the way they acted afterwards...and on EID we all celebrate at the mosque together. Women would wear a big Abaya and then rip it off to basically prance around and show off their stuff after the prayer. This is not just my judgment, it is what many of them will admit too. So many people show up...and ...well...they think it's a possible way to meet somebody for marriage. A couple of times on EID I saw women not wear hijab at all and depending on the mosque community they could very well be harassed. PPL can claim to be anything they want. Many Muslim women I have known have not worn hijab at one time or another. When I first converted I didn't wear it all the time. I'm a convert so the way ppl react is kinda weird. If I say salaam they are suspicious...but if an Arab did this and didn't wear hijab they are usually quite warm with her. Yes, hijab is in Christianity as well -- just look at the nuns, the Amish etc...Jews too... "Anything is possible"as they say but I think you are just trying to look for a way out of a practice of Islam. I could be wrong though. Best of luck to you. :)

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    now most of the muslims are just believers and hardly practice

    you will find that only a minority are really practicing a large percentage of tenants

    many people misunderstand that fact that The prophet told us that no one will enter Paradise but by the grace and mercy of God and he had given a very interesting story of the old people who used to live for centuries: the man is being questioned and God said would you like to enter Paradise by my grace or your works and the man thinking that his 500 years of worship would guarantee him a good place in Paradise so the man started counting his deeds and God listing his blessings and soon the mans deeds ran out and God's list of blessings still going on. then the man said loudly by your grace o God by grace.

    so why do we practice is for our own good to have a harmonious and peaceful life on this earth. As most of the practices are activities that is good for our own good if analyzed well (beyond this answer)

    also to ensure a protection from the devil so when we die we do not loose faith at the death bed which many people do because people are of habits and how lived you will most probably die.

    Works are a lso a proof of sincerety of faith and is a distinction between the very faithful and sincere and those who are barely faithful and basic to the benefit to the humanity.

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    Islam is a complete way of life, catering to all the fields of human existence. Islam provides guidance for all aspects of life – individual and social, material and moral, economic and political, legal and cultural, national and international. The Quran enjoins man to enter the fold of Islam without any reservation and to follow God’s guidance in all fields of life.

    So Muslim should follow the rules of Islam as he could to get a higher degree in Paradise.

    A Muslim commits a sin when he doesn't follow any rule of Islam slighting it.

    But if he can't do it because of a compulsory condition, Allah answers this in the Quran (what means)

    "On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns. (Pray:) "Our Lord! Condemn us not if we forget or fall into error; our Lord! Lay not on us a burden like that which Thou didst lay on those before us; our Lord! lay not on us a burden greater than we have strength to bear. Blot out our sins, and grant us forgiveness. Have mercy on us. Thou art our Protector; help us against those who stand against Faith."

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    As salaamu 'alaikym, my friend.

    Insha'Allah, such as you have described is true of some persons in every practiced faith or lived philosophy.

    As you asked specifically regarding the practice of Islam, there are many Muslims who are such, more or less, in name and profession only.

    The common belief is that as long as professed the shahada (There is not God except Allah, Subhanna wa Ta'ala, and Muhammad, salaahu 'alaihi wasalaam, is His prophet and his messenger), he or she will attain to salvation although they may spend some time in the lakes of fire so as to be purified of their earthly sins before being allowed into paradise.

    The reality for all religions is that none of them are a "cafeteria" and one can not, in good conscience, pick and choose those aspects one will opt to follow while ignoring the rest.

    If one truly believes that his or her religion is from God, as a revealed blessing to all mankind, and as truth from the One God, then one would willingly obey every rule and nuance of the same at every moment and in every instance.

    Anything less demonstrates that one is only playing a game and surly such would never please the One God.

    ma'a salaam


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    i will sum the answer for u briefly:

    if u testefy that there is no God but one (Allah) and believed in all his prophets and the prophet mohammed and that jesus was only a prophet

    u can be a muslim even if u didnt follow all rules of islam - on condition that u pray the daily muslim prayers

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    There are often noncommittal attitudes in every religion. But does that mean that those people are true to the religion they profess?

    The answer I have to your question is: Yes, you can say you are a believer of a faith and not follow all of the teachings of that faith.

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    yes,but let me explain it

    first to be a muslim one have to belief in GOD,all messengers,messages,angels, day of judgment,hell &heaven and fate

    so if you left one of the above you cant be considered a muslim

    second the worship

    there is the praying, paying charity (zakat) and fasting ramadan and making pilgrimage if you are able

    if any person left any of the above (intentionally) he is not muslim

    if he/she left it because he/she was lazy he will be judged in the day of judgment (he may be punished but not eternally)

    committing the not list (kill,cheat,steal,....) also lead to hell if there is no repentance


    in islam beside the basics (mentioned above) you dont have to apply all the "do list" because no body can do this but you have to apply all the "dont do list"



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    Having the belief plus avoiding certain acts thats considered as minor or major infidelity will garauntee you heaven but will not garauntee you avoiding hell.

    To avoid visit to hell, you should adhere to the teachings. Anyway God judge each depends on the situations and circumstances he lived with.

    Source(s): Muslim
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    Sure and when your choice of religions helps make the whole world Islamic then you can say "Hey, chill out, man !" as they behead you for not being exactly as the imam says you should be. Go ahead and ruin the world: you'll still have to live in it.

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