How to say in Tagalog?

1.. Don't worry, be happy!

2.. Where is the nearest toilet?

3.. I have enjoyed my stay here.

4..I shall love you until the rivers run dry.

5..Are you free today?

Thanks so much in advance! :-))

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    a. Filipinos are English speakers, so we understand all those 5 statements.

    b. in our capital, we usually use TagLish or Tagalog-English, so don't be surprised if our vernacular is a mixture of the 2 languages.

    c. i prefer to translate those 5 statements, not literally but based on context. let's use our vernacular. to translate it word per word will be odd.

    1. Don't worry, be happy OR relax lang! (just relax)

    2. saan may malapit na C.R.? (CR is comfort room)

    3. nag-enjoy ako dito!

    4. Mamahalin kita hanggang matuyo ang mga dagat. (almost exact translation)

    5. may gagawin ka ba today?

    6. may gagawin ka ba mamaya (do you have anything to do later)

    7. may gagawin ka ba mamayang gabi (do you have anything to do later in the evening?"

    8. may gagawin ka ba bukas? (do you have anything to do tomorrow?)

    Thank you is "Salamat."


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    Why are u asking this? are like courting some filipina girls or something?

    Dont worry we speak both english and tagalog so u can say those in either language we'll undertand.

    But here's how u say them

    1. Huwag kang mag alala, maging masaya ka!

    2. Saan ang pinaka malapit na C.R.*C.R means restroom*

    3. Nag enjoy talaga ako dito.

    4. Mamahalin kita hanggang matuyo ang ilog.

    5. May gagawin ka ba today?

    hahaha. hope that helps.

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    1. Huwag kang magalala maging masaya ka.

    2. Saan ang pinakamalapit na banyo ( more polite: restroom)

    3. Nasiyahan ako sa mga panahong namalagi ako dito.

    4.Mamahalin kita (I don't really know fluent tagalog I only understand some of it)

    5. Libre ka ba ngayong araw?/ Wala ka bang gagawin ngayong araw?

  • Juan C
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    1.) Huwag kang mag-alala, magpa-kasaya ka!

    2.) Saan ang pinakamalapit na kubeta?

    3.) Naging masaya ang aking pamamalagi rito.

    4.) Ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko hanggang matuyo ang ilog.

    5.) Libre ka ba ngayong araw?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1.. Don't worry, be happy! - magsaya, huwag magproblema

    2.. Where is the nearest toilet? - san ba ang banyo?

    3.. I have enjoyed my stay here. - hapi ako sa pagbisita ko dito

    4..I shall love you until the rivers run dry. - lagi kitang mamahalin

    5..Are you free today? - may oras ka ba ngayon or libre ka ba ngayon?

  • 1..Huwag Kang mag alala, matuwa ka!

    2..Saan ang pinaka malapit na banyo?

    3..Lubos akong naligayahan sa aking pansamantalang pamamalagi ko dito.

    4.. Ikaw ay aking mamahalin, Matuyo man ang tubig sa dalampasigan.

    5.. Puwede ka bang ma-anyayahan ngayon! (also depends how you ask, "are you free today" question though)

  • 1 decade ago

    2: Saan ang banyo? (sah-ahn ahng bahnyo)

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