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System security removal?computer experts? Help?

This program called system security is blocking everything on my computer even the Internet.I even tried launching malwarebytew to remove it and it's blocking's says warning the following task cannot be executed.what can I do to get rid of that and also this progam called malwareremovalbot is forcing me to pay to get my computer back to normal but I'm not paying.please help?

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    Lets try the basics, try to do a system restore. if that does not work, try to use a flash drive and download these 3 programs


    Windows Defender

    Avast Antivirus

    (I assume you do not have an antivuris, this is one of the many free virus scanners that I use, here is an alternate)

    AVG Antivirus

    you have to install these programs but you can run these from your flash drive

    Hijack This

    if you can not install these programs above try these online virus scanners

    sounds like you have nasty spyware so these should help wack the problem

    The program is a rogue antivirus program, here is the manual way to remove it, try this link, if the computer will not let you run the program the manual way to remove it is below

    Stop System Security Processes:




    Find and Delete these System Security Files:



    SystemSecurity on the Web.lnk

    Uninstall SystemSecurity.lnk

    %desktopdirectory%\system security.lnk







    %programs%\system security\system security.lnk




    %desktopdirectory%\system security 2009.lnk

    %programs%\system security\system security 2009 support.lnk

    %programs%\system security\system security 2009.lnk

    Remove System Security Registry Values:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\run systemsecurity


    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\systemsecurity2009 displayicon

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\systemsecurity2009 displayname

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\systemsecurity2009 shortcutpath

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\uninstall\systemsecurity2009 uninstallstring

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    Source(s): Amazing Protection Antivirus Software :
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    System Security was not downloaded due to a fault in your Firewall program or, probably, any of your Security programs.

    This is a Rogue Scanner program that is usually download by you when you click on links at websites or download a program. Law requires the EULA (End User License Agreement) tell you when this kind of garbage is added to other programs. In most cases it is written so you wouldn't understand they are going to download it, but it keeps them within the law.

    To remove this program you can download MalwareBytes and run it. If the program comes back after you have this program remove it then you will need to do some additional steps to get it out of hidden areas of your computer that Security programs are not able to scan.

    This site has a procedure that should, and did for me, this program and any others you may have on your computer. Please read both pages first, download all the needed programs, then follow all the instructions. If you already downloaded Malwarebytes you do not need to download it again when this site instructs.

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    Sounds like a hijack. Some of the answers above are not relevant as there is no internet.

    Go to 'Control Panel' / 'uninstall programs' and try uninstalling system security and malwareremovalbot.

    Try running 'Windows Defender'

    If that does not work it might be a good idea to take it to a computer shop and pay to get rid of this malware / spyware, although it won't be cheap.

    either that or.....

    back up everything important onto DVD or flashdrive and reformat the hard drive and reinstall the operating system from the installation disk

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    I agree with those who have recommended Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware at .

    I would just like to add the following tips:

    Now some of these rogue programs are very tricky and will make it so you cannot run your security programs or will not let you download and install them. Here is a link that will explain how to get around this with MBAM and be successful downloading, installing, and running the program:

    Once you are successful at downloading, installing, and updating MBAM you can then follow these directions:

    Also, be sure to turn off System Restore because malware can be put right back on your computer after rebooting if you do not or saved in your System Restore files themselves. After your computer is totally clean then you can turn System Restore back on. Also it would be a good idea after running the quick scan, and rebooting to run a full system scan. I have also seen it suggested to run MBAM in safe mode.

    You can also try this other free program called SUPERAntiSpyware. Another very good free spyware scanner that can be found here: .

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    I had the smae problem today!.

    What you need to do is put the computer into safe mode.

    To do this restart your computer, and keep tapping F8. This should bring up a menu. Use the arrow keys to move. And the enter to select. Then chose Safe Mode with networking.

    Then when your there, go to this link.

    Then download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware.

    Set it up.

    Start a full sweep with it in safe mode.

    WHen done, remove anything it finds.

    It should prompt you to restart.

    If it doesnt restart manualy.

    There you go!

    Also, it is reccomended to reinstall MalwareBytes Anti-Malware afterwords.

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    my brother had this on his computer also, it took over everything and doesn't let even open many programs, here is the way to fix explained here

    it was installed when a fake popup came on the computer that your computer is infected and click to scan now or remove virus. always make sure that the virus warnings have your antivirus name in the window also

    need an antivirus? go to they have free antivirus programs there. three of the best antivirus programs are AVG, Antivir, Avast

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    security programs are the hardest to EVER remove. You really have to know what you are doing. I have removed two in my life and it can never completely be erased, but many replacement programs can remove 99% of them. Try this but make sure you back up your system before and burn important files onto a disk. Go to "my computer" and open C drive. Go to "programs" and find the file with the name of the security company. delete the entire file but do NOT erase it from your recycle bin. Do al this after you have already tried to remove it. If this doesn't work, there is only one other way. Go to "control panel" click on "add or remove programs" then find your program name. After this, do the "my computer thing again" if there is no file, then you were sucessful. AGAIN, MAKE SURE TO BACK UP YOUR COMPUTER AND IMPORTANT FILES!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago

    Restart PC into safe mode by gently tapping F-8, choosing Safe Mode with Networking. Download-update-run the software below. If it's a no-go, use another PC to burn Avira Rescue. to CD and use it in the infected PC.

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    Your best bet is to take it to computer shop and have them recover your data and reinstall your operating system.

    "also this progam called malwareremovalbot is forcing me to pay to get my computer back to normal but I'm not paying."

    Good job. Do not give these people your credit card information. They are thieves. They actually put the malware on your system. Do not trust them to remove it.

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