Texting laungauge??????????????

Can some one just make a list of txting language????!!! please

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    ? I have a question

    ? I don't understand what you mean

    ?4U I have a question for you

    ;S Gentle warning, like "Hmm? what did you say?"

    ^^ Meaning read line or message above

    <3 Meaning sideways heart (love, friendship)

    <33 Meaning heart or love (more 3s is a bigger heart)

    @TEOTD At the end of the day

    .02 My (or your) two cents worth

    121 One-to-one (private chat initiation)

    1337 Leet, meaning 'elite'

    143 I love you

    14AA41 One for all, and all for one

    19 Zero hand (online gaming)

    1CE Once

    1DR I wonder

    2 Meaning "to" in SMS

    20 Meaning 'location'

    2G2BT Too good to be true

    2MI Too much information

    2MOR Tomorrow

    2NTE Tonight

    4 Short for "for" in SMS

    411 Meaning 'information'

    404 I don't know

    411 Meaning 'information'

    420 Lets get high

    420 Meaning "Marijuana"

    459 Means I love you (ILY is 459 using keypad numbers)

    4COL For crying out loud

    4EAE Forever and ever

    4NR Foreigner

    ^5 High-five

    555 Sobbing, crying. (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)

    55555 Crying your eyes out (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)

    6Y Sexy

    7K Sick

    831 I love you (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)

    86 Over

    88 Bye-bye (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs)

    9 Parent is watching


    A3 Anytime, anywhere, anyplace

    AA As above

    AAF As a matter of fact

    AAK Asleep at keyboard

    AAK Alive and kicking

    AAMOF As a matter of fact

    AAMOI As a matter of interest

    AAP Always a pleasure

    AAR At any rate

    AAS Alive and smiling

    AASHTA As always, Sheldon has the answer (Bike mechanic Sheldon Brown)

    AATK Always at the keyboard

    ABC Already been chewed

    ABT About

    ABT2 Meaning About to

    ABTA Meaning Good-bye (signoff)


    ACDNT Accident (e-mail, Government)

    ACK Acknowledge

    ACPT Accept (e-mail, Government)

    ACQSTN Acquisition (e-mail, Government)

    ADAD Another day, another dollar

    ADBB All done, bye-bye

    ADD Address

    ADDY Address

    ADIH Another day in hell

    ADIP Another day in paradise

    ADMIN Administrator

    ADMINR Administrator (Government)

    ADN Any day now

    ADR Address

    AEAP As early as possible

    AF April Fools

    AFC Away from computer

    AFAIAA As far as I am aware

    AFAIC As far as I am concerned

    AFAIK As far as I know

    AFAIUI As far as I understand it

    AFAP As far as possible

    AFJ April Fool's joke

    AFK Away from keyboard

    AFZ Acronym Free Zone

    AFPOE A fresh pair of eyes

    AH At home

    AIAMU And I am a money's uncle

    AIGHT Alright

    AIR As I remember

    AISB As it should be

    AISB As I said before

    AISI As I see it

    AITR Adult in the room

    AKA Also known as

    ALCON All concerned

    AMAP As much as possible

    AMBW All my best wishes

    AML All my love

    AMOF As a matter of fact

    AOE Area of effect (online game)

    AOM Age of majority

    AOM Age of Mythology (online gaming)

    AOTA All of the above

    AOYP Angel on your pillow

    APAC All praise and credit

    AQAP As quick (or quiet) as possible

    ASIG And so it goes

    ASAP As soon as possible

    A/S/L Age/sex/location

    ASL Age/sex/location

    ASLA Age/sex/location/availability

    AT At your terminal

    ATB All the best

    ATEOTD At the end of the day

    ATM At the moment

    ATSITS All the stars in the sky

    ATSL Along the same line (or lines)

    AWC After awhile crocodile

    AWESO Awesome

    AWOL Away without leaving

    AYDY Are you done yet?

    AYEC At your earliest convenience

    AYOR At your own risk

    AYSOS Are you stupid or something?

    AYS Are you serious?

    AYT Are you there?

    AYTMTB And you're telling me this because

    AYV Are you vertical?

    AZN Asian


    B Back

    B& Banned

    B2W Back to work

    B8 Bait (person teased or joked with, or under-aged person/teen)

    B9 Boss is watching

    B/F Boyfriend

    B/G Background (personal information request)

    B4 Before

    B4N Bye for now

    BAG Busting a gut

    BA Bad *a*

    BAK Back at keyboard

    BAS Big 'butt' smile

    BAU Business as usual

    BAY Back at ya

    BB Be back

    BB Bebi / Baby (Spanish SMS)

    BBC Big bad challenge

    BBIAB Be back in a bit

    BBIAF Be back in a few

    BBIAM Be back in a minute

    BBIAS Be back in a sec

    BBL Be back later

    BBN Bye, bye now

    BBQ Barbeque, "Ownage", shooting score/frag (online gaming)

    BBS Be back soon

    BBT Be back tomorrow

    BC Because

    B/C Because

    BC Be cool

    BCNU Be seeing you

    BCOS Because

    BD Big deal

    BDAY Birthday

    B-DAY Birthday

    BDN Big darn number

    BEG Big evil grin

    BF Boyfriend

    BFAW Best friend at work

    BF2 Battlefield 2 (online gaming)

    BF Best friend

    BFF Best friends forever

    BFFL Best friends for life

    BFFLNMW Best friends for life, no matter what

    BFD Big freaking deal

    BFG Big freaking grin

    BFFN Best friend for now

    BFN Bye for now

    BG Big grin

    BGWM Be gentle with me

    BHL8 Be home late

    BIB Boss is back

    BIBO Beer in, beer out

    BIF Before I forget

    BIH Burn in hell

    BIL Brother in law

    BION Believe it or not

    BIOYA Blow it out your *a*

    BIOYN Blow it out your nose

    BISFLATM Boy, I sure feel like a turquoise monkey! (unverified)

    BITMT But in the meantime

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    brb-be right back

    gtg-got to go or g2g

    FOMCL-lalling off my chair laughing

    Lol- laughing out loud


    nm-not much

    BF- boyfriend

    GF- girlfriend

    BFF-best friend forever

    BFFL- best friend for life

    PPL- people

    Y- why


    sry- sorry

    w/e- what ever



    BTW-by the way

    FYI- for your information

    CU-see you


    IDK-i don't know

    IDC-i don't care


    Luv u- love you

    I Luv U- i love you

    JK- just kidding

    Omg-Oh my God or oh my gosh or oh my goodness

    WTG- way to go

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  • 1 decade ago

    g2g - Got to Go

    Lol - laugh out loud

    r -are

    u - you

    lmao - laugh my a$$ off

    wht - what

    rotfl - roll on the floor laughing

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