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Luggage on Vancouver Airporter bus to downtown hotels?

We're flying into Vancouver next week and staying at the Landmark Empire Hotel. It looks like the Airporter Bus (about $14 per person) is the most economical way to get from the airport to the hotel. I assume that you can take luggage on the bus since it does pick you up at the hotel. We'll each have 1 large suitcase, backpack, and small suitcase. Is it true that we can ride the bus with this much luggage? Where is the luggage stored while on the bus??


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    Yes the airport shuttle is your best bet to get to Vancouver downtown unless there is 4 of you then I think you can get a limo at the airport cheaper. Here is a website that has your different options http://www.greatervancouverhotels.com/richmond/van...

    All the shuttles have luggage storage if you have something valueable make sure to keep it with you, just commen sense where ever you are.

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