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Why is Obama siding with a dictator wannabe in Honduras over their legal rule of law?


The President tosses out the law and tries to make himself dictator for life, basically, by having a fixed election giving him more terms (like Chavez did to turn Venezuela from a free country into the brutal dictatorship it is now).

So he's removed from power by the LEGAL PROCESS UNDER HONDURAN LAW (just like if the US impeached a President). So then Obama comes out and backs the tyrant against the democrats. The other leaders who also supported the tyrant's power grab? Evil, murderous dictators and freedom-haters like Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega.

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    I'm no expert on Honduran politics but this is troubling for a few reasons. 1. This administration has been very slow to react in other critical situations but when it came to Honduras and siding with Chavez and Castro they are quick to judge the situation?

    2. From what I've read the ousted Honduran leader was following in the footsteps of Chavez and Castro.

    Much like Iran, I'm sure both sides are somewhat corrupt but I've been paying attention and the reasons the state dep. (Hillary) gave for their support make no sense at all. I think more pressure needs to be put on them to explain what the hell their thinking is on this. Like I said I'm no expert but I can smell BS when it's being thrown around.

  • The Dude was elected, okay? We've gotten ourselves into more trouble supporting every reactionary government take over in the world. The Cold War is over. A few Leftist governments in the world aren't a threat to the United States.

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