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Is there much point of staying at a Walt Disney World resort?

radisson hotel in walt disney world or the wilderness lodge at disney?

radisson is 1/4 miles away from the parks and rated the #1 hotel in orlando

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    Absolutely! There are many benefits to staying at a Disney Owned resort that you would not receive from most off-property resorts. Here's a short list:

    Park Admission when the parks are crowded - Disney Shuts down the parks in phases during busy times, starting with shutting down the parking lots and redirecting outside traffic, resort guests are given preference to entering the parks until they reach absolute maximum capacity.

    Disney's Magical Express - This is a FREE shuttle service between the Airport and the resorts, this saves you from having to rent a car or pay for a taxi or bus service.

    Extra Magic Hours - On select days theme and water parks are open exclusively for resort guests one hour early or 3 hours after normal park close time.

    Disney Dining Plan - Currently offered free for a limited time, this plan can save you up to 30% off the cost of food on your trip.

    Early Dining Reservation Bookings - Gusts staying at the WDW resort can book all of their Dining 90 days out from the first day of their vacation, all others have to wait for 90 days from the date of the dining date itself, this can give you an huge edge for those must have dining reservations at Chef Mickey's or Cinderella's Royal table.

    Free Golf Club rental - Get free Golf club rental when you stay on site at any of Disney's world class golf courses.

    Free Parking - If you do drive you will receive a parking pass which grants you free parking for the entire stay, that's a savings of $12 per day.

    Free Package Delivery - Don't drag the bag around all day long and risk loosing it, just have your souvenirs sent back to the resort and collect them the next day at the hotel gift shop.

    PLUS if you book a Disney vacation Package they have even more freebies including Free park photo print from your Photopass, Free bonus time on watercraft rentals, 30 mins of free arcade time at the resort, Discount coupons for Planet Hollywood, and more.

    So yes it's defiantly worth staying on property when you visit Walt Disney World, I often get asked to price it both ways on and off property and the majority of them decide to stay on property when they see a true apples to apples comparison. Saving a few bucks on the hotel each night can actually cost you a lot more when you factor in the costs of rental cars, parking, gas, food, etc. and that's just not magical!

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    If your vacation is planned to ONLY visit the Disney complex, then staying on-site gives you most benefit from the listed perks. However, a cheaper dinner (which may have been priced higher than normal to begin with) or a boat to a Disney park doesn't help you if you want visit other sites in Central Florida. On the other hand, having a car available to you at all times in the Radisson's parking area does help with that quite a bit. The Central Florida region has much more to offer than just Disney.

    Also, if you have a limited vacation budget (which is probably happening more now than ever due to the economy), "free" perks built into a higher overall price might not be the best choice for you. After looking at some of the Radisson's prices, what Disney calls a "value resort" (aka cheapest in their system) matches or is beaten by the Radisson's prices since both start at a little over $80 per night. When compared to Disney's moderate or deluxe resort properties (starting rates between $149-$399 per night), you can easily get 2-3 nights at the Radisson for what 1 night costs at Disney. If one stays for a week, those "free" Disney resort perks could suddenly cost an extra $500-$2000. Exactly how much do you want to pay for a Disney "freebie"?

    Ultimately, this is about YOU enjoying YOUR trip, not the trip Disney wants you to have, especially if you pay them more for the privilege. There are reasons to stay at a Disney resort. However, that choice isn't as much of an "end all be all" as some of the other answerers here claim it is. If staying off site was such a bad thing, why are there so many off-site hotels in the Orlando area? Everybody here speaks the truth. It's just up to you to decide which works best for you.

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    You know that is actually a very good question! I'm not quite sure but I can say that it would be practically impossible since Disney resorts are very expensive. Think about it this way, 1 night at Disneys Pop Century resort costs around $100 bucks. If you were to stay there for months your bill would get very large. Unless your a zillionare it proboally will not work. But i just do not know if they would eventually throw you out since Walt Disney World is the top vacation destination on the earth and they will need your room avalable for other guests. If your really that rich and want to stay there than go join Disney Vacation Club!

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    The Radisson is 1/4 of a mile away from the Disney gates. You'd still have to drive all the way to the park, find a spot, take the tram up to the ticketing area, and reverse the whole process when you're ready to go home.

    What the Radisson doesn't offer:

    - Reliable and frequent transportation to and from the resort

    - Extra Magic Hours before the park opens or after scheduled closing times

    - Disney magic. When you stay on site, there's a noticeable difference.

    But if those perks don't interest you, by all means, stay at the Radisson.

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    That 1/4 mile "from entrance" is a little misleading. It is 1/4 mile from where you cross the line and are on Disney Property, but you will still drive 20 minutes to get to your park, and then you still have to park your car and ride a shuttle to the park entrance. Repeat in reverse at end of day.

    If you are "doing Disney" then the best way is from a Disney resort. You have more time in the parks because you spend less time getting to and from the parks, and you can even go back to room to rest and have lunch during the peak hours when it's really crowded. Wilderness Lodge is beautiful and one of the most conveniently located WDW resorts, right across the lagoon from the Magic Kingdom. If money is an issue, the "B" resorts are very good value, much better that the "C" resorts for just a few more dollars a night. Don't miss seeing the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the lagoon shore behind The Polynesian. Bring a blanket to sit on and a bottle of wine.

    If you are going to Universal or Seaworld or whatever, no reason to stay in a Disney resort.

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    Brad had great answers for you. I'm just going to add to that. We asked the same question on our first trip & friends of ours said we should stay on-site for a lot of the reasons Brad said. We've never regretted it. We've traveled to Walt Disney World 12 times & are going again in a week. All the Disney Resorts are great. We've stayed at the All Star Resorts (Movies, Music & Sports), & Pop Century. Then we became Disney Vacation Club Members & have stayed at the Beach Club & Saratoga Springs. We have dined at the Wilderness Lodge. It's beautiful! If you stay at a WDW Resort you can also buy a mug & refill it throughout your stay. The other reasons we enjoy staying on-site are that you feel the whole Disney Experience from morning until night. It's so exciting. Also, their hospitality is fantastic.

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    Yes there are better perks for staying at a Disney hotel. The transportation to the other hotels and parks at no extra cost. The extra what they call "magic hours" only for Disney resort guests. Also another feature I liked is that if you buy something and don't want to lug it around all day. You can have your purchases sent to your room.

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    Absolutely. The Wilderness Lodge has a boat to the magic kingdom. They have buses to everywhere else. You will have to pay for parking if you come into the parks everyday. You will have access to extra magic hours, Disney dining plan and so many more perks staying in the park. I would love to stay at the Wilderness again, try Whispering Canyon, delish!

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    There are a lot of benefits of staying at a Disney World resort. So my answer is YES.

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    yeah just stay in disney at a resort. there really isnt much of a difference in price and you get free buss transportation and the hotels are just nicer.

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