My computer is very slow.


My computer going very slow. I think my computer get virus. How to remove that. And my other computer can't turn on it say" bootmagr compassed. Press Crtl+Alt+ Del to restart. I try many times it can't turn on. Is it get viris too??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!! URGENT!!!!!

P.S. You can answer in Chinese/ English . Thanks again.


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    That Not A Virus Problem, Is A System Problem, Solve:

    Boot from the Vista DVD.

    Click 'Repair my Computer'

    At the prompt to select your OS installation, click the button that says 'Load Drivers'. This should bring up a explorer-style drive browser.

    Then just right-click on the drive you tried to compress, and deselect 'Compress this Drive', which should still be ticked on. Hit apply, and apply to subfolders/files.


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