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PACK A跟PACK B表層都有加一層PP膜,PP膜是加強硬度。PACK B底部形裝有改變,有加一個插進去的設計,底部比較不會裂開。PP現有庫存只有霧面的,透明面的需要較材料,所以樣品先做霧面的給你

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    PACK A is it add one PP membrane to have by top layer with PACK B, PP membrane strengthen hardness. It changes that PACK B bottom shape is installed, adding a design that inserts in, the bottom will not split open. There is PP existing stock only fog, transparent need of piece relatively material, so whom sample make the fog first give to you

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    PACK A跟PACK B表層都有加一層PP膜,PP膜是加強硬度。PACK B底部形裝有改變,有加一個插進去的設計,底部比較不會裂開。PP現有庫存只有霧面的,透明面的需要叫材料,所以樣品先做霧面的給你

    The surfaces of both Pack A and Pack B are PP-film coated to increase their hardness. The bottom shape of Pack B is modified with an inserting device to help prevent a split.

    In current inventory we only have obscure PP material availabe while it takes time to order transparant material; therefore, we will make samples in obscure material first.

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