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SONY專案配合的SMT廠商是經過SONY and HTC verify and approved合格的SMT廠,設備及環境均符合SMT廠的標準,同時室內溫濕度皆控制於標準之內.

HTC是依原廠包裝方式在室溫下收藏並未拆封,以避免氧化.並規定在SMT以前皆不許拆封, 最後於SMT實際上線前都會進行PCB烘烤除濕作業。

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    SONY the special case coordination's SMT manufacturer is passes through SONY and HTC verify and approved the qualified SMT factory, the equipment and the environment conforms to the SMT factory standard, simultaneously the indoor humiture all controls in the standard. HTC is collects according to the original factory packing way under the room temperature has not broken a seal, avoids oxidizing. And stipulated in SMT before all cannot break a seal, finally can carry on the PCB roasting before the SMT actual political line to dehumidify the work.

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    SONY專案配合的 SMT 廠商是經過 SONY and HTC verify and approved合格的SMT廠,

    The project coordination SMT factory with Sony has to be verified and approved by Sony and HTC as qualified.


    Both of the facilities and environment are qualified with SMT factory standard, besides, the indoor humidity and temperature are controlled within the standard.


    The HTC is in accordance with the original packaging to be unsealed and stored under the room temperature to prevent from oxidization.

    並規定在SMT以前皆不許拆封, 最後於SMT實際上線前都會進行PCB烘烤除濕作業。

    It is also not allowed to unseal before SMT as stipulated. At last, PCB baking and dehumidifying process will be taken before the real launch of SMT.

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