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TH Family:Tom will start a blog on the official website?

Fantastic news from Tom!

We just received some amazing news from Tom Kaulitz ;-) For the last couple of days he was thinking about how to make the wait for TH’s new album more pleasant for you guys! Well, Tom always wanted to show what moves him, what he thinks is cool and what rocks his world. This is why he decided to start writing a blog here on Tokio Hotel’s homepage starting NEXT WEEK until the new album drops!!! Tom told us that he'll talk about all his interests, feature his favorite videos, gadgets, funny stuff, fashion, hot news, cool designs.... and maybe he’ll even slip in some secrets about twin brother Bill ;-) Can’t wait to read this!

so, you heard of this huh?I'm always late on these things. : D

so, what do you think?

POLL: when did you get your last mosquito bite?

I have one right now on my itches...liike hell... =D


also, what do you expect to hear?

You think he'll say anything about Chantelle?

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    man ....i m also late in these things anyways i think it will be soooo kool and amazing for us .....but i think he will talk more about chantelle so it will be easy for their publicity stunts...(i hope its nt true cuz i dun think chantelle is good for him but she cn be cuz we dunno her good).....but at the end i will say it will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and i dun remember when i got my last mosquito bite maybe 2 hours ago....

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    yeah i heard about last week or so, well i expect him really to say what he's thinking how he feels the album is progressing as in the recording sense and maybe chantelle but i think theres already up so much that he wont mention whats been going on with him and chantelle it hink he'd keep it quiet tbh, itd be good to know what he'd say bout bill i wanna know a bit more in that direction^^ would be intersting as to what he'd say. im looking forward to his blogs do u know what date excatly it starts i dont remember reading a date :S

    i got a nat/mosquito whatever xD bite just now myself *scratches*

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    Hell yes! I'm so excited. I really wanna hear the new single & also the full version of Dark Side Of The Sun and the whole rest of the album too! They're changing their sound, and from what I've heard so far it's GREAT! :] EDIT oops, I put dark side of the moon haha. it's night time, i'm a little sleepy xD

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    YAYY! I didnt know about this =P so ur not as slow as Mr. Retard *me* lolz. But Bills prolly gonna want to kill Tom for some of the things he says xD

    And his fashion? LOL

    *toms blog*

    THIS WEEK THE HOTTEST FASHIONS ARE: sh1t big enough to fit the eiffel tower. =D


    Poll: I JUST GOT BIT THIS MORNING! im so friggin scared of mosquitos 0_o I was wearing skinny jeans so i could tuck it in meh shoes and a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. so i dont get bitten. well i did that. and i got bit on the face =/


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    Lol before actually reading your question i got all excited cause i thought he had finally put it up (waiting a week is agony)

    Hopefully he rambles, i like it when he rambles and goes on & on about random's calming in some strange way. But then again i hope he shows us his serious side as well.

    I don't think he'll mention Chantelle at all.

    Poll:Um.....idk......i haven't had one in ages

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    I already heard and I'm so excited to read his blog. It will be really interesting to hear things from his point of view.

    Poll: I haven't had a mosquito bite in awhile (thankfully).

    Not sure what to expect to hear in his blog, it will be a great read though =)

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    Haha I heard that like a week But I'm excited to hear it.It's gonna be so funny I just know It was probably like a few months ago,maybe

    He might say something about her.We'll just have to wait and see.

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    i hadn't heard about that! i always forget to check the site ):

    But anyways, that's awesome! :D

    poll :::

    Like forever ago... mosquitoes don't really bite me that much, but when they do it swells up really bad ):

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    yeah i heard a while ago haha, i'm really excited! we haven't really heard anything from them lately.

    POLL: saturday, i got 2 and one swelled up!

    idk, but to be honest i doubt he'll sat anything about Chantelle, and if he does it won't be much

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    yay. can't wait to read what he has to say and the single and the album

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