Have you ever been injured at work?

September 27, 2007, I was working in a steel mill in north central Kentucky. While I was at work on the above-mentioned date, I was told to operate an overhead crane even though I had little experience and zero experience with that particular crane. I was moving two bundles of 12' x 2.5" steel bars. I was using a remote control box to lower the spreader beam, and a sling on each end of the bundles. The bundles together weighed about 6,600 lbs. The crane faulted out before I could sit the bundles down in the appropriate space, causing one of the straps to come off and the whole load shifted in a way that speared me in the head. When the steel hit me in the head shoved my whole body about six feet. My head was pinned for over 45 minutes. The only place the steel hit was my head, but the impact of the steel hitting me broke my back, broke my leg, broke a few ribs, dislocated my ankle, lacerated my spleen, and obviously it crushed my skull. I have pictures at http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...

My company terminated me in November of 2008. The first reason I was given is that they have a policy about a person missing 12 months of work. When I pointed the fact that I had been off for 14 months the disingenuous jerk from human resources added that it was because doctor reports say that I would not be able to perform the job that I had been doing for them. I still received workers' comp checks until a few weeks ago.

Now, I have reached a point where the insurance company is saying I am as good as I am going to get and wants to settle my case. I am asking this question hoping someone else can pass on his or her experiences.

I'd like to add that Liberty Mutual is the insurance company handling my claim.

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    Fortunately, while I have been injured, I've never had the problems you are having.

    I worked for Liberty Mutual, back in the 1980's. How you are treated depends entirely on what state you live and work in. Liberty Mutual, is very careful to follow the laws passed by state and local governments. While you may not like what they are doing, unfortunately for them and you, they are bound by the law. I left, after a year of working on worker comp claims, because everyone hated how poorly we had to treat people. But to treat them differently, would be to have broken the law. We did everything we could, but the amount that was paid to people was strictly controlled by laws passed by the state.

    I hope that helps.

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