Can meth cause a false negative in a pregnancy test?

No, I am not a meth addict. However, I have only done it twice. The most recent being 2 days ago. I took a pregnancy test yesterday because my period is late and it came up with a negative result. Could that be from the drugs???

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    WOW meth is BAD stuff girl! People get addicted from the first time they try it! My mom used to do it, and it tore our family apart = [.

    Anyways, not here to judge!

    I'm not sure if it could cause a false negative, but you may want to consider waiting another 2 or 3 days to test again. I would also suggest getting a blood test done at the doctor if you still don't get your period, but meth will be in your system still so I guess that is your choice.

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    CAN u take meth and not be a meth addict, i didnt know that..

    but um you probably skipped ur period because of the freakin meth, do u know what that **** does to you.

    you do not need to be getting or risking getting pregnant when you smoke meth, that could have a horrible effect on ur child..

    just start using protection intell you can stop hurting yourself with these kinds of drugs,,,and dont have kids intell you stop,, you dont wanna risk hurting them.

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    well i hope you are negative. how and why would you even do such a drug with a fast way to a dead end should not ever do meth ever! from what i know it is a highly addictive drug once or twice is all it takes to become dependent and that is drug that destroys your looks and body in a very short period of time

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    Drugs are bad MMMkay. And I think it does causemeth will be in your blood and urine and it will cover the thing that is checked on a pregnancy test. So I guess you shot yourself up and had a orgy.

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    "I've only done it twice" I hope to GOD you are not pregnant. maybe you should either not be having sex or wait until you get your drug problem under control to decide you want a family.

    Birth control is a great thing.

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    wow if you think you might be pregnant then why would you be doing drugs? that is the dumbest thing you could ever do. do you realize how bad that could effect the baby if you do happen to be pregnant! i would advise you to not do any drugs until you find fact dont do it at all!!!!

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    Thats awful, your a mother already because you have a baby to care for in your stomach!! how are you going to go when she is born, thats disgusting

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    you need to get on your knees and pray ask the lord to help you because you need help

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    & if you are pregnant...there just went your 'Mother Of The Year' award stupid b*tch.

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    If there is a chance that you may be pregnant.............................................................. YOU SHOULDNT BE DOING METH IN THE FIRST PLACE *****!!!

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