GUYS AND GIRL!! How do u make out for the first time I NEED STEP BY STEP OK THANKS!!?

i need everyone to answer this ok i have not made out before and my bf wants to make and im kinda nerves and i want it to go out well and not really akward and i want to be good at it so i need advice and tips on how to make out also step my step ok plzz answer thanks

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    Every girl wants to be a great kisser, and that goes even more so when they are an inexperienced kisser. There isn't much that is worse than trying to kiss someone that you care about (or just dreaming of kissing someone that you haven't kissed yet) and wondering how they will be when they kiss you. Will they be impressed and relaxed when they are kissing you or will it be a turnoff? That is why when I started writing the kissing tips for girls I got to thinking that it is probably best if you know what the guys really want out of a kiss. Here is what I came up with.

    Most women tend to kiss out of emotion, and to invoke an emotional response, most guys are more into the passion part of the kiss. The result would still be the same, but it seems that the guys really want to feel the kiss differently than the girls do. When you go to kiss your guy then you should try to invoke more of a passionate response in him than an emotional response, the emotions will come along later. Another thing that you should do when you are kissing a guy is to tease just a little. The kiss is important but the moment that leads up into the kiss is equally as important. That is why you should make sure to linger before kissing, perhaps drawing out the moment for a bit before your lips meet, but not so long that it is uncomfortable.

    There is another way to find out what your guy wants when it comes to kissing. Ask him what he wants. Most guys will not be too shy in letting you know what they want in a kiss, and if you follow their lead you can hardly go wrong.

    Learn how to kiss, French kiss, and make every kiss from the first to the last hot and memorable.

    ~Thee Q & A Mann~

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    Relax sweetie, he won't be any better or any more experienced than you will, while you're nervous and wondering if you're doing ok, he'll be too busy feeling the exact same way to judge you on your kissing ability, so there's no real pressure.

    The way for anyone to learn to kiss is they way you guys are doing it now, just experimenting on eachother.

    First, your lips will meet, then from there its all about taking signs and cues from eachother.

    Its not one, big, long, open mouth kinda deal, making out is like a series of smaller kisses joined together.

    Start with a few slow, on-the-lips kinda kisses, pressing a little harder each time, then open your lips a little bit the next time you kiss him, kind of taking your lips in his.

    By this point, he should be taking the hints and kissing you back and from then on in, it'll all take care of itself.

    The funny thing is though sweetie, with young boys, you can be the greatest kisser in the world, but chances are, the first thing he's gonna do is stick his tongue in your mouth and start going crazy, so like I said, dont expect to have to work to hard to impress the guy :)

    Good luck though sweetie, happy kissin' :D

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    Nothing always happens the way you want it to.

    Let's take a look at Neo, from the Matrix. He's the ONE right? Then how come when they load and do the jump program he's not able to make it across but instead falls to the street?

    I'll tell you why, it's because he was terrible at making out.

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    There is no set definition for "making out," but it usually consists mostly of kissing. The best thing to remember is to do what you feel comfortable with. Don't do more than you feel okay with, but have fun if you feel safe. And remember to always be careful...even the best boy can have physical wants. Don't do anything you'll regret.

    I hope that you're special moment goes great!

    P.S. RELAX!!!

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    I'm not a guy but honestly I think that the dude must be shy as well if he flirts in only subtle way. Maybe he wants to make sure that you feel the same way... it's always complicated.

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    well... its kinda hard to explain? you just go with the flow. as much as this answer sucks, its true. makingout isnt really something someone can teach you. you learn by doing. your just gonna have to do it. practice makes perfect! :) just tell your boyfriend(if he doesnt already know) that its your first time and you want him to lead/start/whatever. you'll be fine! i have faith in you! :) its not a big deal, and i dont really think you can completely screw that up. good luck! let me know how it goes! :)

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    1. Stare him straight in the eyes

    2. ease in getting closer to his face

    3,then kiss him, with your lips closed at first

    4 then after you have been kissing for awhile, you can kiss opening your mouth a little bit at times

    tada !

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    I don't really know what step by steps to tell you. Just kind of go with it and don't swallow his face.. so like don't have your mouth like wide open. haha.

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    Step one, kiss him. Step two, keep kissing him. Step three stop kissing him. Step four, say WOW you kiss great!

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    dnt be sloppy have fun and be relaxed

    i really dnt know how to do a step by step

    but it isint hard just follow what he does.

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