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Who are the Kings and Queens Princes and Princesses of music?

MJ is king of pop. Who is queen? Prince? Princess? Whta about other types of music?


I mean yes it really wouldnt matter but people keep saying things like this. Music is really no monarchy at all.

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    Here's wiki's list of "Royalty" in music. . .ALL types of music!

    Hope this helps!


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    This is correct

    Madonna is the queen of pop

    Kylie Minogue is the princess of pop

    Michael Jackson isthe prince of pop

    not sure bout the king of pop

    elvis Presley is the king of rock and roll

    james Brown is the godfather of soul.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    POP: KING - Michael Jackson QUEEN - Celine Dion PRINCE - Bryan Adams PRINCESS - whitney Houston or maria carey ROCK: KING - Elvis pressley QUEEN - Joni Mitchell PRINCE - Aerosmith PRINCESS - Tina Turner R&B: KING - Luther Vandross. QUEEN - Mary J PRINCE - Marvin Gaye or R Kelly PRINCESS - Arethra Franklin (soul) RAP: KING - 2pac QUEEN - Missy Elliot PRINCE - Jay z or 50 cent PRINCESS -Lil Kim (lil kim and missy elliot can switch place)

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    Here is the monarchy:

    King: Michael Jackson

    Queen: Madonna Ciccone

    Prince: Justin Timberlake

    Princess: Britney Spears

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    King- Michael Jackson

    Queen- Madonna

    Prince- Justin Timberlake

    Princess- Britney Spears

    that wikipedia list is crap. the jonas brothers are NOT the princes of pop.

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    queen of pop is madonna.

    princess of pop is britney spears, however perez hilton "announced" lady gaga as the princess and brit as the duchess.

    but thats dumb since britney has had so much more success than lady gaga so far.

    and i think the king of rock n roll is elvis.

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    no mj is not the queen of pop micheal jackson is,madonna is the queen of pop,Beyonce is the queen of R&B,Usher is the king of R&B,Elvis is the king of rock and Jay Z is the king of rab

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    prince-Justin Timberlake

    princess-EITHER britney spears, beyonce ((if she even IS pop...i have 0 idea of her type)) OR christina aguliera has been around forever also.

    for rock,


    Queen-ive got NO clue

    Prince-LOL prince obviously.

    Princess-dionne warwick (she goes back to the 60's i believe)

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    Kings And Queens Of Music

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    I wanted to post this question too this afternoon

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