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An electric field of 311,000 N/C points due west at a certain point.?

What are the magnitude and direction of the force that acts on a charge of -6.5 µC at this spot?

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  • D g
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    my mistake i converted wrong

    I chose the electric field as positive direction.

    F = Eq = 3.11*10^5 * (-6.5*10^-6)

    F = -2.02 N

    and points due east

    If Electric field points due west

    Then F points due east

    3rd year physics major.

  • knr
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    1 decade ago

    magnitude of force = F = Eq = 311000 x 6.5 x10^-6 = 2.0215 N

    its direction is due east opposite to the fild direction.

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