Why are my fingers on my left hand numb/tingle?

On my left hand my ring finger and pinky fingers (mainly the fingertips) are both numb and tingle. Can anyone please tell me what this might be? Any answers would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Note: It doesn't really happen at any particular time. It's just numb. Also, I'm 19 so i really doubt it would indicate heart attack/stroke.

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    Could be carpel tunnel. If you have a repetitive job where you use your hands and fingers repeatably you may have developed carpel tunnel.

    See if you have a lump on your fingers or on your hand below the fingers or on your wrist (turn your hand down so you can see if there is a growth on your wrist, press in that area and see if anything is sore)

    Check your lower arm, elbow, upper arm and shoulder to see if there are any sore spots or lumps (growths) as they can press on nerves and cause numbness and tingling.

    You need to see a Physician to determine treatment as they may refer you to a Neurology doctor for nerve test or an Orthopedic doctor for surgery.

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    Nerve damage or nerve that's pinched. Do A LOT of research online first BEFORE you call a doctor, but I wouldn't be really concerned anyway unless you can't move them or something. Doctors can't transplant nerves, so just see if it goes away, or better yet, when exactly does it happen? All the time or when you're doing a specific movement?

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    It can be a pinched nerve.

    The left hand tingling can also be a sign of a heart attack.

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    i am not a doctor, but any numbness or tingling should be investigated properly by a physician, it could be anything from a neck/spinal disorder to circulation or trapped nerves, please see your GP to put your mind at rest, good luck xx

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