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What are some good dares?

We are 16 and we need some good dares for this sleepover we are having tomorrow. I mean we are pretty wild, like we've already ran around the neighbourhood with our underwear on but we need something better..original??

Please keep it pg.13 appropriate

We are all girls BTW


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    i dare you to eat mustard, mayo, ketchup, and vinegar in a cup

    -i dare you to stuff a whole bag of potato chips in your mouth

    -i dare you to walk around the house screaming I LIKE GAY PEOPLE

    -i dare you to prank call your parents

    -i dare you to run around the neighborhood in your underwear

    -i dare you to give someone a lap dance

    -i dare you to freeze your bra

    -i dare you to put toothpaste all over your face

    -i dare you to make out with a pillow

    -i dare you to stink your hand in the toilet

    -i dare you to brush someone else's teeth

    -i dare you to wear a paper bag that says my mother is ashamed of me and walk around your neighborhood

    -i dare you to lick someone else's foot

    -i dare you to run in a store shouting i like gay people

    Source(s): my friends and i did almost all of these
  • 1. Eat some toilet paper

    2. Lick a bar of soap

    3. Give some one a bad makeover

    4. Get in the shower with all your clothes on.

    5. Lick someone's foot.

    6. Do a dance and make up your own song, but have some one tell you words you have to use in the chorus and have some people join you after a while.

    1.) put out 3 glasses of mystery liquid: one toilet water, one spit, and one tap water. Close your eyes, mix them up, choose randomly and drink.eww!!

    2.)dare your bff to go to the movies with you wearing slippers and bathrobes. If your REALLY daring, or maybe for bonus points, were a shower cap.

    3.) dare your friend to walk up to her crush with a bit of spinich in her teeth and flirt.

    4.) set up a lemonade stand in an elevator.

    5.) call the pizza guy and ask "is this 911?" when he says no, sigh and say, "well, ok, then i guess ill have..." have a friend make a loud banging noise (like a gunshot) and then scream and hang up.

    Also, go to this great site I found:

    It is so funny!!! you HAVE to check it out. Plus itz G rated.

    I found these on another website they seem so cool:)lol

    Oh yea and this one i actually DID DO! Dare Someone to eat a whole spoonfull of JUST cinnoman..Its is so gross and dry..and you cant drink water or nothing...record them! Also you should give them something after their done because it is really nasty..I coulnt even finish it...It tasted so gross...But i guess its a cool dare:)

    Source(s): and personal experience
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