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Is it illegal to download games from websites like The Pirate Bay?

They are based in Sweden, so is it a violation of US law? I have never downloaded anything from this site, and I wanted to know before I consider it.

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    If the game you are downloading is copyrighted, then YES it is illegal. It's like buying cocaine from Mexico or something, the act itself is illegal in the US even if it is legal elsewhere.

    Source(s): common sense I guess
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    It's not legal to download them anywhere.

    Piratebay simply puts up links to downloads so they say they aren't doing anything wrong.

    If you download it you ARE breaking the law.

    For a moral basis I only download games if they are old or if the company broke up.

    If the developers would not gain money from you purchasing it in a shop, or if it is not available any other way go for it!

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    Yes, the website may be from sweeden, but you're still downloading a game from a software in the U.S.

    Source(s): Friend got a phone call from the feds for downloading movies from the pirate bay.
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    If the material is copyrighted, and you are supposed to pay for it but are circumventing this by getting it free from the pirate bay, yeah it's illegal.

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    Yes, stay away from public trackers. It is also easy to get spyware and virii from them.

    Signup at a site (private tracker)

    also download Peerguardian 2

    then you should be ok

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    Yes, but it is likely you won't be caught and very unlikely you would be prosecuted.

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    Yes it is illegal. You're stealing software by downloading it.

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    pirate bay is illegal!

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    ya it is illegal...but it is not likely that you will get caught...

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    But we do it anyway

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