how to i start a class action lawsuit?

bally total fitness is out of control. i live in fresno, ca and they will not take responsibility for errors their managers made which cause me to lose money due to not being able to cancel my membership within three day buyers remorse.

this must stop. bally total fitness needs to know they cannot treat people this way and kerk people around.

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    For you to get any real restitution in a class action lawsuit, you would need to be the lead plaintiff.

    Otherwise, all the members of the settlement class would probably only get a $5 discount, or something similarly useless.

    A better option might be a small claims suit.

    You would sue for actual damages, attorney fees, filing fees, and perhaps punitive damages.

    If you want to go the class-action route, contact an attorney.

    You can also read through the thousands of similar complaints and/or find out if others would be interested in joining.

    Bally's seems to be a notoriously unethical operation.

    Here's an example of one such site:

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    I've used before in filing a small class action lawsuit. They recovered money for me and about 10 other people and were pretty helpful. I think the consultation form on the website is free so they should tell you if you have a case that's winnable. Good luck!

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    Call a few law firms, they'll tell you if you have a chance, if any are already in progress, etc

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    You need to talk to a lawyer. talk to more than two get advice

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